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Stink Bugs In September – Potential Homes Infestation

Stink Bugs

Key Takeaways

  • Stink bugs, originating from Southeast Asia, are sensitive to the cold and gather in groups on sun-exposed walls or reflective surfaces during fall.
  • Characterized by their broad bodies, six legs, and wings, stink bugs release a foul-smelling liquid when threatened, resembling the odor of rotten vegetables.
  • While stink bugs do not bite or sting humans, their defensive odor can cause minor allergic reactions upon contact.
  • Despite not posing direct harm to humans, stink bugs can be a nuisance when they invade homes, prompting the need for professional pest control services.
  • Provincial Pest Control offers assistance in dealing with stink bug problems in Toronto


Originated from Southeast Asia, these bugs are particularly more sensitive to the cold than other insects. That is why, every fall, they will make their presence known by gathering in groups on the walls of your house exposed to the sun or any reflective surfaces. In fact, when It gets a little bit chilly, they will start to come out. Once stink bugs find a cozy place inside of your homes, they might let their fellow stink bugs know about it: that is solidarity for them, however, It can quickly turn to an annoyance.

Their Characteristics

Stink bugs can be distinguished by their broad bodies. They also have six legs and wings. When frightened or crushed, they have a foul smell and in Ontario,Canada since, according to a map from “Stop Brown Marmorated Stink Bug”, stink bugs are marked as a nuisance problem only.


Unlike other pests like bed bugs, stink bugs do not bite or sting humans. They are also not aggressive even if we bother them. However, one defense mechanism that they have is their “interesting” smell. Indeed, when they feel threatened, they release a very smelly, yellowish liquid. Be assured, It does not harm people. You may ask: “How does stink bug smell?”

Well, the smell can be compared to rotten vegetables which is definitely unpleasant. Also, If you come into contact with this liquid, It can cause a minor allergic reaction.

Although, stink bugs do not harm humans, it is still a nuisance when you have stink bugs in the house. That is why, professionals at Provincial Pest Control can get rid of unwanted guests at your place that you call home! Rats – Destructive In Both Residential And Commercial Places

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