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Stinging Pest

Stinging Pest

Some harmful stinging pests can make nests inside and outside your home which can make any homeowner terrified. It is hard to prevent these invading insects; especially when they pick the places that are out of sight and difficult to access. Some of the notable places include backyards, basements, walls and garages. Since these areas are often overlooked, stinging pests can invade it and start making their nest. 

Over some time, the insects may start to accumulate and go on to pose significant problems for you and your family. 

How fast do Stinging Pests Multiply? 

Although wasps, bees, and hornets play an integral part in pollination and preserving the environment, their rapid growth can pose many challenges. Depending on the type of stinging pest, there can potentially be hundreds or even thousands of these insects roaming around your house. 

Without adequate precautions, these insects can make more than one nest; each one containing thousands. Therefore, it is ideal to take precautions to reduce the overall impact of stinging pest infestation.Since these insects can be harmful, it is important to control their population. Multiple stinging pests roaming in your premises ultimately means that your home is at a greater risk. 

Health Hazard of Stinging Pests 

Some of the stinging insects are more poisonous and dangerous, such as the southern yellow jacket. A bite from these insects can cause excruciating pain, and may even lead to allergic reactions. Some may experience swelling as well which can lead to infections and severe scratching. 

Some of the notable threats that these pests pose include: 

  1. Swollen eyes and eyelids
  2. Itching and swellings 
  3. Dizziness and drop in blood pressure
  4. Wheezing
  5. Chest contraction

Although not all stinging pests are poisonous, they can still cause severe allergic reactions. These reactions may result in death.

Signs of Pest Infestation

If you hear the buzzing of wings within your premises, it could be an indication of a stinging pest infestation. There are numerous flying insects that are always ready to invade abandoned territories. These harmful flying insects are also a big threat to corporate offices just as they are to homeowners. They can invade any space with little or no presence of humans.


There are common signs that the property owner needs to look out for, including: 

Finding a Nest

One of the common sights that a property owner may find is a nest inside the premises. These insects often create their nests on ceilings, walls, poles, and trees. Most of the times, there might be no activity near it but it is still dangerous to approach these nests. 

Finding Flying Insects 

This sign is straightforward and it emphasizes that infestation is nearing or is already here. Once you see numerous stinging pests such as bees around your property, you should call a professional pest control service to identify the problem and get rid of the harmful insects. 

Types of Stinging Pests you may Find at your Home

There are four main varieties of stinging pests you may find on your property. These include: 


Hornets Like to spend their life outdoors but can invade homes through different crevices in search of food. These predators feed on smaller fliers such as bees and houseflies. It is advisable to keep this predator as far from home as possible since its one sting can prove to be fatal. 


Wasps can make their nest anywhere inside a house. Their favorite places are ceilings and walls since they are sturdy. Wasps only feed on sugar; their favorite items include honeydew and flower nectar. They are aggressive and can attack anyone that comes in their way. Although their sting is not deadly, it can still cause pain and require medical care. 

Yellow Jacket


These stinging pests like to make nests inside the walls or ceiling voids. They primarily feed on smaller insects and fruit nectar. These pests are poisonous and a sting can cause severe allergic reactions and cause you to seek emergency medical care. 

Carpenter Bee

These bees are attracted to wood, so you may find them near the roofline or under the porch. These bees only feed on flower nectar plant pollen. Carpenter bees often mind their own business but may sting if threatened. 

Why DIY Stinging Pest Control will not Work 

Some like to take matters into their own hands and decide to get rid of the pests themselves. Not only is it dangerous to take on these pests but can even be more expensive. These pests can sting immediately if you provoke them which can result in dire consequences. 

Why Choose a Professional Pest Control Service?

A compact and rigid professional service can get rid of these dangerous pests in no time. Their experienced and qualified team makes sure that these dangerous pests never return to your premises. Therefore, professional pest control is an optimum choice. 

Looking to Get Rid of Stinging Pests? Provincial Pest Control (PPC) is here for Help!

At Provincial Pest Control PPC we know that stinging pests can be a big risk to your health and wellbeing. For you, we have offered a compact and guaranteed service that will make sure you don’t have to deal with a stinging pest infestation anymore. 

Our qualified professionals can effectively deal with this infestation with guaranteed satisfaction. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with our stinging pest removal service. With the help of PPC, you won’t have to worry about these dangerous pests lingering around your home anymore. 

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