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Spiders – An Early Fall Pest


Key Takeaways

  • Fall is often associated with Halloween and spooky stories, but it’s also the season when spiders become more prevalent in homes.
  • Spiders are active in the fall as they mate and search for places to lay their eggs before winter arrives, potentially leading to infestations.
  • While most indoor spiders in Ontario, Canada, are non-venomous, their presence can cause stress and anxiety, impacting mental health.
  • Attempting to remove spider eggs without proper knowledge can worsen the infestation, highlighting the importance of seeking professional assistance.
  • Provincial Pest Control offers expert assistance in assessing and addressing spider infestations, ensuring a stress-free solution for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA.


When we feel the temperature dropping, we often associate this type of weather to “Spooky Season” as Halloween is around the corner! And of course, the frightening atmosphere is slowly settling down with ghost stories. Also, this fall, you might spot more spiders at home than usual, which are the real monsters of this season that might scare you off! That is why, the Provincial Pest Control is here to assist you and get rid of unwanted guests at home!

Why do spiders come out in Fall?

Unlike other bug pests who are seeking for a warm shelter to stay at for the upcoming winter, spiders are mostly appearing and roaming around to mate or find a place to lay their eggs before winter comes. During a spider infestation, spiders might have already settled down in your house walls since a long time ago hiding from the sight of any humans. Most spiders which are roaming around are males looking for a female spider to mate and the ones that you see hanging on spider webs are females around your house.

Also, If a spider succeeds in laying eggs, one sack contains several to thousand eggs, which sounds concerning and needs immediate attention!

Are spiders dangerous?

Do not worry! In Ontario, Canada, most indoor spiders are non-venomous. However, although they do not inflict physical harm, they can badly impact your mental health. Indeed, having them at home without knowing how to get rid of them will give you stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

Also, make sure to leave spider eggs alone because when attempting to get rid of them could scater the eggs around your place, which will make the situation worse.

That is why, If you think a spider infestation might be happening in your house, get immediate assistance to assess the situation with our expert technicians! 4 Common Commercial Pests

If you have any spider pests at home or have any other issues in Toronto or the GTA, please do not hesitate to seek assistance by calling us at 647-997-5080 or Get in touch with us to get a free inspection and be stress free!

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