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Spider Infestation – Are Spiders Good or Bad At Home?

Spider Infestation

Key Takeaways

  • Spiders have both positive and negative impacts at home, helping control pests but also causing fear and discomfort.
  • Identifying a spider infestation includes spotting webs and sacs containing spider eggs around the house.
  • Common spider species in Canada include house spiders, fishing spiders, wolf spiders, brown recluses, cellar spiders, and black widows.
  • Spider bites are generally harmless, though some species carry venom that can cause mild to severe reactions.
  • Preventing spider infestations involves cleanliness, sealing entry points, and using natural repellents, while professional pest control services like Provincial Pest Control offer effective solutions in Canada.


Spiders are well known as pests and there are over 20000 species of them in the world. Broadly, there are venomous and non-venomous species of spiders. These eight-legged creatures have frightening and intriguing appearance.

There are some benefits to living with spiders; for example, they help to control the insect population in the environment. On the other hand, spiders are disliked due to their reputation, which is often why people want them off their property.

Most venomous spiders won’t bite you unless threatened or provoked. In most cases, spider bites do not pose a threat to humans so there is no need for immediate medical treatment or attention following a spider bite. Read till the end to learn more interesting fact about the positive and negative impacts of spiders.

Are Spiders Good or Bad At Home?

Spiders’ presence at home has both negative and positive effects. Some people don’t mind having one spider around the house because they help to annoy pests like flies, earwigs, moths, cockroaches, beetles, and fleas. However, it becomes a problem when the spiders are too much at home.

The negative side of spiders is that almost all the species have venom. Even though venom is used on the prey, they still bite humans. The brown recluse and black widow spiders are notorious for biting. Additionally, the sight of spider webs at home isn’t pleasant. The cobwebs are harmless, but they disfigure the walls at home.

Lastly, spiders affect people with arachnophobia (the fear of spiders). If you have a phobia of spiders and are experiencing an infestation, call spider pest control near me (Canada) for professional spider removal in your house.

Spider Infestation in House

Spider infestation isn’t hard to recognize. You will notice a spider web around the house when there is an infestation. You will likely see one or two spiders in different places at home. Spiders don’t cluster in one place; they are mostly loners, so don’t expect to see a cluster in any house area.

Furthermore, you may see tiny silky sacs under your furniture or cupboards. The sacs house spider eggs. The sac indicates that you might soon have a full-blown infestation once the eggs hatch. In this case, you must pay attention and act immediately.

Types of Spiders

There are thousands of species of Spiders across the world, but the common ones here in Canada are as follows:

  1. House Spiders

They have legs that are longer than their bodies. They usually have black or lighter colors. These species rarely bite but have necrotic venom that can cause open wounds.

  1. Fishing Spiders

They enter the house through the shoreline. They can be between 30 – 35 mm long. Fishing spiders have brownish-grey bodies with black bands on their legs.

  1. Wolf Spiders

These species don’t construct webs, but they prey on other insects like aphids, bugs, and caterpillars. They are called wolf spiders because of their preying characteristics. Wolf spiders are about 3 cm long and usually have a dark brown color.

  1. Brown recluse

This is a poisonous species usually in light brown color. It has six eyes, unlike most spiders which have 8 eyes. They don’t bite except they feel threatened. Their venom is called cytotoxic, which affects skin cells.

  1. Cellar Spiders

These species like to live in damp corners of the house. You will see them in the basements, attics, and other areas with a light brown color.

  1. Black widow spiders

They are outdoor spiders usually seen in garages, sheds, and outhouses. They have a shiny black body with a red band that looks like an hourglass. Also, this specie has venom called neurotoxin. The bite affects the human nervous system, can cause pain and can lead to a severe illness in humans.

Facts About Spider Bites

Most spider bites are harmless even though they leave a mark on the skin. You may not even feel the bite because spiders’ small fangs only give a few marks. The signs left after the bite can be bumps, tiny holes, or scratches. Their venom’s toxicity depends on the spider’s size and the species.

While some bites are insignificant, others carry highly toxic necrotic venom that can make the bite spread. Spider bite symptoms vary depending on the person that was bitten. They cause reactions like itching, mild swelling, and sometimes inflammation.

Overall, spider bite is not a medical emergency. You can leave it alone without any treatment. If the wound itches, apply anti-itching and anti-inflammatory creams. Anyways, call for medical assistance if you suffer any allergic reaction from spider bites.

Spider-proofing Your House

You can prevent spiders in your house by following the tips below:

  • Clean food crumbs at the kitchen counter and close all unscreened doors and windows.
  • Remove all empty cardboard boxes in the basement that can harbor spiders.
  • Keep firewood away from the house. Store it above ground level.
  • Use natural spraying for spiders by mixing cinnamon oil and distilled water. This is a natural repellent for spiders.
  • Caulk and seal all window and door openings that can make the spiders enter the house. Ensure that you spray the openings and crevices before you seal them.
  • For outdoor spider control, clean the outdoor garden by removing leaves and grass clippings close to the house.

Spider Exterminator Near Me In Canada

Whenever you need a reliable spider control service or spider spraying near me, call Provincial Pest Control (PPC). We serve many major cities in Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Vaughan, Richmond, and many others. Make that call today. Provincial Pest Control (PPC) helps both residential and commercial buildings keep their interiors and exteriors spider-free.

We know the best insecticide for spiders outdoors and indoors. Depending on what species of spider you have at home, we can recommend the suitable spider insecticide to use and how to spray it. You can count on our spider exterminators to help you eliminate spider infestation in your home and make your inside and outside spaces safe from spiders.


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