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Red Flour Beetle Pest Control Toronto

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Red Flour Beetle Pest Extermination Cost

For red flour beetle pest extermination services in Toronto, our pricing typically ranges from CAD 225 to CAD 365, depending on factors such as the size of the infested area and the severity of the red flour beetle infestation.

At Pest Control Toronto, we offer competitive pricing for effective red flour beetle pest extermination. Our professional team is dedicated to promptly addressing red flour beetle infestations to ensure the safety and integrity of your home or business.

Contact us today to schedule reliable and efficient red flour beetle pest extermination services at affordable rates. Trust Pest Control Toronto to effectively manage and eliminate red flour beetle infestations.

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Red Flour Beetle Pest Control Toronto

Provincial Pest Control is highly skilled in various pantry pests that infiltrate homes and businesses in Toronto, Canada including the Red Flour Beetle. Similar to the Confused Flour Beetle, these beetles are approximately 5/32″ long, making them challenging to notice without a magnifying glass. The key distinction lies in their antennae. Red flour beetles, small and tubular, are often found near or in stored products, infiltrating sealed packages and contaminating flour or related items, causing discoloration and a pungent odor as they consume the contents. If you think your home or business has pantry pests, particularly the red flour beetle, get in touch with Provincial Pest Control for Red Flour Beetle Pest Control in Toronto and let our knowledgeable professionals get rid of them for good. Provincial Pest Control can handle all of your pest control needs.

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Signs of an infestation

A clear indication is the presence of adult beetles moving within an infested product and/or clumped food particles created by larvae. A flour beetle infestation may be indicated by a strong, nasty smell that comes from cereal or stored flour. Because there are so many insects in it, heavily infested milled grain may appear pink.

Habitat, Diet, and Life Cycle

Both the red and confused flour beetles are widespread grain pests found in mills, warehouses, supermarkets, and homes worldwide. In residences, they can thrive in pantry crevices where spilled food accumulates. These beetles specifically feed on finely milled starches like flour, requiring ground grain to survive. Adult beetles live around one year, with females laying approximately 450 sticky, white eggs on a food source. The eggs’ tacky coating collects particles and broken grain, providing protection until hatching. Larvae then consume the surrounding food before pupating into adults.


The red and confused flour beetles are known to infest grain and grain products globally. They are frequently discovered in stored grains within mills, warehouses, supermarkets, and households. Inside homes, these pests can flourish in crevices found in pantries and kitchen cabinets where food spills can accumulate.


Red and confused flour beetles target stored grain products including flour, cereals, meal, crackers, beans, spices, pasta, cake mix, dried pet food, dried flowers, chocolate, nuts, seeds, and even dried museum specimens.

Life Cycle

The red flour beetle is an active and rapidly moving adult beetle with an average lifespan of about one year. Females lay around 450 small, clear-white eggs on fine materials and broken kernels, covered with a sticky secretion. Larvae hatch in five to twelve days, becoming full-grown in one to four months, feeding on fine materials and broken grain. The life cycle, from egg to adult, takes about six weeks under favorable weather conditions, with cold weather prolonging the process. The red flour beetle’s life cycle is typically shorter than that of the confused flour beetle.

Flour Beetles Removal

The best control strategy for heavily contaminated food products is to dispose them. Temperature manipulation, like as freezing or heating, can be used to manage light infestations also.
Always clean up spilled food or flour, particularly in the corners near appliances. Another great way to prevent flour beetles from infesting stored food is to vacuum pantries and cabinets, being sure to pay special attention to any cracks or crevices.

Hire Provincial Pest Control for Red Flour Beetle Extermination

Due to their presence in our food supply, treating pests like the Red Flour Beetle with pesticides, if not done by properly trained individuals, can pose risks to people and pets. Hiring Provincial Pest Control’s services for Red Flour Beetle extermination upon the first signs of infestation is the most effective means of safeguarding your food items. Implementing good sanitation practices, regularly inspecting items, and maintaining proper ventilation in your home or business can also contribute to preventing these pests from entering your property.

What Our Customers are Saying!

With many years of experience in the pest control industry, we ensure that your home is safe and pest free.

What Our Customers are Saying!

With many years of experience in the pest control industry, we ensure that your home is safe and pest free.

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One of the most common reasons flour beetles infest is the accessibility of food. Homes with unsealed food items, properties with less secure storage, or silos with larger entry points or gaps are at a higher risk of infestations. It's essential to understand that the presence of flour beetles doesn't necessarily indicate poor housekeeping; rather, these pests opportunistically infest homes and food supplies that are easily accessible to them.

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