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Rats – Destructive In Both Residential And Commercial Places

For business owners and homeowners, a rodent problem or mouse infestation can be a hassle and ruin your business reputation. In fact, oftentimes, rat and mouse pests  are associated with illnesses and poor conditions in houses and establishments. Most of the time, during rodent issues in commercial buildings that the Provincial Pest Control technicians have to deal with, the damages are already important as your products may be already damaged. Also in a residential setting, during these rat infestations, they can chew on wires which can put your loved ones and you in danger!

In this blog post, we will be covering what rodent infestations can lead to in a commercial and residential setting:

● Commercial Pest

Both mice and rats can contaminate food products or any stored ingredients and spread fleas, lice and ticks into your business. It can have a negative impact on your business reputation as nowadays, customers usually trust reviews left online.

These animals can also give you a headache and leave some material damage like make holes through the walls, chew on electrical wiring which can lead to power outages and electrical fires. Of course, to repair those structural damages, expensive repairs will be needed.

● Residential Pest

As mentioned above, mice and rats can chew through electric wires to get into your house, which can potentially create a fire. Also, they carry a lot of serious diseases that can give you health problems such as: bubonic plague, tularemia and trichinosis. Even with their saliva, urine and faces, they can transmit a rare respiratory disease called Hantavirus just by breathing the smallest particles present in the air. They can also find their ways to store food and contaminate it with urine for example. Moreover your kids are definitely not safe around this pest because tiny droplets of urine might trigger an allergic reaction.

Keep in mind that using rat traps or any chemical products to get rid of rodents yourself might make the issue worse, as they are skilled to avoid the traps and escape! Indeed, these creatures are excellent climbers and can get into your house or commercial building through the roof and tiny spaces.

Inspecting meticulously and providing you with rat infestation solutions that best fit, both commercial pest control and residential pest control, is our top priority.

If you need rat control or have any other issues in Toronto or the GTA, please do not hesitate to seek assistance by calling us at 647-997-5080 or Get in touch with us to get a free inspection and be stress free!


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