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No homeowner wants rats roaming around their property and chewing on everything: from the carpets and wiring to flooring and doors. For centuries, rats have been making life difficult for humans. Their sharp teeth, ability to spread diseases, and appetite for human food are a few notable concerns for humans. Rat infestation inside a property may lead to drastic consequences such as a higher risk of diseases and property damage. 

Rats can cause extensive damage to items on the property, and it will only increase without a prevention strategy from the homeowner. If left untreated, it can result in a full-blown infestation, which will trigger the risk of life-threatening diseases and complications. 

Rat infestation removal is not an easy process and may require expertise and an adequate plan to counter it. 

How Fast Do Rats Multiply 

Just like mice, rats can multiply at a rapid pace. Rats reach sexual maturity within 4-5 months of being born. A female can bear over 40 rats over a period of 12 months. However, the number can rise significantly since female rats can get pregnant just 2 days after giving birth. 

Having rats inside a home is a frightful experience, and the more rats you have to deal with, the higher and greater the health risks for residents. Therefore, it is important for the homeowner to seek immediate solutions after sensing a rat infestation. 

Health Hazards of Rat Infestation 

Rats can pose significant health complications and risks to residents. And if the infestation occurs in a corporate office, it can also cause health problems for employees. The presence of rats on the property is a cause of concern for all property owners. The more the infestation grows, the greater the health risks. The last thing that any property owner would want is to have rodent nests inside the walls and full-blown rat contamination.

Here are a few health risks that rats may bring to the property: 


Hantavirus is one of the most threatening diseases spread by rats. It has symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and shortness of breath. If it goes untreated, it can prove to be life-threatening for the patient. It may occur when humans are exposed to rats’ feces and urine, and sometimes, it can occur due to rat bites.

Bubonic Plague

Many people may know this disease as one that took a major toll on Europe during the middle ages. Although it is less common nowadays, it is still possible for humans to contract this life-threatening disease. The disease may occur due to a bite from an infected rat flea. The symptoms include headache, fever, and a weak immune system. 

Rat Bite Fever

Rats also have the tendency to cause life-threatening fever, known as rat-bite fever. This happens when a human eats something contaminated by rats. The consequences are dire and may include vomiting, muscle pain, high fever, and rashes. On many occasions, this disease has proven to be fatal. 


Ingestion of contaminated food can also cause salmonella, which puts human health at a major risk. Although it is not deadly, it can still cause serious discomfort and pain among patients. Symptoms may include diarrhea and high fever. 

Signs of Rat Infestation 

There are plenty of signs that homeowners should be on the lookout for. It is important to spot an infestation before it becomes a serious problem for residents. If you see the following signs, make sure to contact professional rat removal services:

Rat Droppings

One of the common sights in rat infestation zones is rat droppings throughout the area. If you begin seeing them almost everywhere, it is a sign that your house is at risk of a rat infestation. 

Rub Marks

Rats don’t have good eyesight, which may cause them to skit along the walls to navigate throughout the house. Often, they leave grease marks along the wall, which are the result of dirt that is present on their bodies. So if you see dark and pungent marks across the walls, then it might be an indication of a rat infestation inside the house.

Scratching Noise at Night

Rats have the ability to climb up places, and ultimately, they cause severe scratching noises with their sharp claws. Some rats also live in the attic, and they may produce scratching noises, which you can hear very clearly during the night. Moreover, some rats also make a grinding noise with their teeth. 

Rat Nests

If the rats stay inside a property for long, they will start creating nests with the help of cardboard, insulation, and other materials. If you notice them, it means you already have a rat infestation and need professional help to get rid of rats. 

Types of Rats you may Find at your Home

Typically, there are two main types of rats that you may find inside your premises: Norway rats and roof rats. It is important to know which type of rat infestation you’re suffering from at your premises since it helps in getting rid of them effectively. 

Norway Rats

Norway rats are also known as brown rats. They like to live indoors, especially in lower areas such as basements and under debris. They can also be found in sewers and attics. A Norway rat may feed on any food that is discarded by humans. Apart from that, they also feed on grains stored in cupboards and anything organic stored in jars. 

These rats are dangerous for humans since they always carry a risk of disease and life-long complications. They also expose people to different types of bacteria and germs that may trigger dangerous conditions. 

Roof Rats

Roof rats are also known as black rats. They prefer living higher up in buildings, unlike Norway rats. A homeowner may find them in attics and rooftops. Since these rats are omnivores, they may feed on anything that is available to them. They often enjoy fruits, seeds, and nuts. 

Similar to Norway rats, they also pose significant problems for humans and may contaminate water and food.

Why Choose Professional Pest Control Services?

A professional pest control service guarantees that you get rid of the rats from the premises. To avoid additional costs, you need to get professional pest control services. They make sure that you get rid of rats once and for all. 

Want to Get Rid of Rats? Provincial Pest Control (PPC) is here for you!

Provincial Pest Control PPC is aware that rats can be a big nuisance for homeowners. Therefore, we at PPC offer you a compact rat removal service to make sure that you’re rid of all the rats inside your premises.

We have a team of experts and professionals who are ready to assist you at any time. Our company values your trust and satisfaction and guarantees 100% results with a money-back guarantee. With help from our company, you can forget about rat problems once and for all. 

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