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Professional Pest Control Exterminator’s Advise: How To Get Rid Of Rats


Key Takeaways

  • Rodent control issues are common in homes and require prompt identification and action due to rats’ rapid breeding and potential health risks.
  • Professional pest control companies like Provincial Pest Control can effectively address rat infestations, especially as colder weather prompts rodents to seek shelter indoors.
  • DIY methods like rat traps may not suffice for large rat populations, making professional assistance essential for thorough eradication.
  • Homeowners often make mistakes such as relying on ultrasonic devices or failing to properly seal entry points, exacerbating the rodent problem.
  • Effective rat control involves steps like inspection, exclusion (preventing entry), elimination (trapping or baiting), and cleanup, best handled by experienced pest control professionals like Provincial Pest Control.


At some point, every home is bound to have rodent control-related issues. This is why, as a homeowner, you must be ready to identify and deal with these annoying, disease-carrying rats at any time. Because rats breed quickly, the longer they stay on your property, the more difficult it will be to rid them.

Professional Pest Control Exterminator’s Advise: How To Get Rid Of Rats

Even the cold season is coming, leading rats to seek shelter from the elements, and warm buildings give the perfect resource. When the weather becomes extremely cold, rats are forced to flee their natural habitats and seek shelter in warm and dry buildings such as houses, warehouses, barns, stores, and office buildings.

While many businesses may believe that their pest control issues are essentially resolved for another year, the reality is that rat problems can worsen as the cold weather comes in.

Rat traps are the most common DIY method for getting rid of rats on the internet. On the other hand, Rat populations are frequently larger than you may imagine, especially if you see them in the daytime. When they have food and water, they multiply swiftly as well. If you have a rat infestation, the easiest way to get rid of rats is to contact a pest control company, such as Provincial Pest Control. Before the problem gets out of hand, our pest control experts will take care of it.

They have the tools, equipment, and skills to deal with rat infestation.

Rats, in addition to causing disease, also cause damage. Wiring in houses, vehicles,  wood, and other materials that come into contact with them, including paper, cloth, books, and insulation, chew everything. They also build nests in attic and enclosed spaces, suffocating ventilation and attracting more pests. The steps to getting rid of rats are not the same, whether you hire a pest control professional or take on the rodent infestation yourself. Pest control company will eliminate the rat infestation in a combination of a few steps.

Step 1: Thorough inspection of interior and exterior perimeter including attic.

Step 2: Placing commercial T-Rex snap traps in safe and right places.

Step 3: Placing tamper resistant exterior rodent stations with commercial baits in it. Note: commercial baits not getting sold publicly. 

Common mistakes of homeowners

  1. One of the common mistakes of home owners/ residents: installation of ultrasonic devices in premises. Usually these devices do not exterminate/poison pests. As long as you wait, the worst getting your pest issue since they multiply.
  2. Close holes from inside and / or from outside of the property. As soon as you trap rats in the house, rats try to chew out. It means starting to seriously damage your property.

How to get rid of rats

Depending on the rodent species, there are many ways to get rid of them. Because rats are nocturnal, you are unlikely to find a live rat. Rats, on the other hand, are quite easy to identify if they are seen. Brown rats have a blunt nose, small ears, and a thicker body than black rats, who have a pointed nose, large ears, and a slender body.

Steps for getting rid of rats or preventing their coming in


The first step in getting rid of rats is to inspect interior and exterior perimeter of the property. The inspection is crucial for several reasons.

1) Inspection of interior and exterior perimeter confirms or reveals the pest.

2) Inspection also identify where rats congregate and where they make their nests.

3) Inspection reveals food sources and access points.

Burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, rodent control sounds, rodent control scents, bite marks, tail drags, and footprints in dusty places, as well as fecal pellets, are all signs of a rat/rodent infestation.

Exterminator seeks rat nest and entry point once a rodent population has been confirmed.

Exclusion (before rats in your property) 

Exclusion is the second method used by pest control professionals and DIY maintenance workers to get rid of rats.

To prevent rats or mice infestation in your property, you need to seal crack / crevices, edges, holes around exterior perimeter walls, fix exterior wall damages. Exclusion involves cutting off entry points into a building before rodents stepping in to your property. If you see rats or mice live outdoors, you need not only follow the steps mentioned above, but also need to contact pest control professionals to order rodent exterior stations to be placed around your property premises.


You or a pest control professional need to take immediate action, if you see rats inside or outside of your property.

Trapping with snap trap 

Using just rat traps are most frequently and least expensive way to catch rats in the premises (note: rat traps can not be used outside of premises for safety purposes). Setting the traps are easy (use T-Rex snap traps), but remember it can take a few days before the first rat will be eliminated. Remember, snap traps need to be placed in hidden and safe spots, not accessible for children and pets, where children and pets will not be hurt. Also strongly recommended to tight snap trap to somewhere, in this case rat can not “take and go the trap”. Rats are very intelligent creatures who are naturally wary. Spiders – An Early Fall Pest

To achieve better and quick results you can hire a professional exterminator to set not only snap traps but also place tamper resistant exterior rodent stations with poison in it (note: commercial poison is not accessible publicly). Tamper resistant exterior rodent stations with poison in it (note: commercial poison is not accessible publicly) will handle rodent population around your property.

Rats take time to trust new objects, and without patience, this rat control approach will fail.


Not only in the case of a larger rodent infestation, it’s necessary and more effective to call a local pest control company. It is strongly advised to contact pest control company as soon as you see any kind of pest evidence. Pest control technicians will use rodenticides to provide the best result.

Clean up

It’s time to clean up the infected area after you’ve eliminated all the rats.

Appropriate cleanup begins with ventilation after an indoor rat population has been eliminated.

If you want to get rid of rats permanently, use a pest control professional you can trust. Provincial pest control has extensive experience treating light and heavy rodent infestations in both commercial and residential settings.

Why Provincial Pest Control? 

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Provincial Pest Control is Toronto’s most qualified and licensed pest control company. We inspect the interior and exterior perimeter of your property.

If you have rats on your premises, please do not hesitate to contact us for help by calling 647-997-5080 or contacting us to obtain a free pest inspection and be stress-free!

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