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Addressing stubborn pests at home can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with Beetle Pest Control in Ottawa. Provincial Pest Control is skilled in quickly identifying and solving such problems. Dedicated to offering all-encompassing solutions for Beetle  management in various Ottawa communities, our goal is to restore your home to a pest-free environment. Book a free inspection today and take advantage of our expertise in Beetle Pest Control, ensuring the health and safety of your living space.

Beetle Extermination Cost

Beetle Control Ottawa specializes in providing expert solutions for tackling Beetle infestations in your home or property. Despite the mention of diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis typically being associated with bats, it’s important to clarify that beetles themselves do not spread these diseases. However, addressing any pest infestation is crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment.

Our approach effectively targets beetle problems, ensuring comprehensive removal and preventive strategies to protect you and your loved ones. Our Beetle control services are priced between CAD 510 and CAD 825, offering cost-effective solutions customized to meet your particular needs.

Our team of professionals is committed to addressing Beetle infestations with the urgency they require, ensuring your home is safe and secure. Rely on Beetle Control Ottawa for dependable and effective pest management solutions.

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What Are Beetle?

Beetles are a global phenomenon, with more than 300,000 species identified worldwide. An infestation of beetles within a home can become a significant headache for any homeowner. These insects are not only bothersome, but their bites can be incredibly painful. Although they naturally prefer outdoor environments, beetles can and do make their way indoors, where they can inflict considerable damage on furniture, timber, and walls.

It is important to get rid of beetles as soon as possible to avoid an infestation. Luckily, there are plenty of professional services out there that provide optimum removal services.

Carpet Beetle Exterminator Near You in Ottawa

In Ottawa, securing a dependable carpet beetle exterminator is essential for protecting your home. Prompt and efficient pest control services are available, specializing in the detection and elimination of carpet beetles. Rely on local experts for a comprehensive evaluation, targeted treatment, and durable defense against these invasive pests.

Beetles, which can occasionally intrude into homes, are attracted to natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton, and pet hair. If you find beetles in your home, consulting with professionals is vital, as long-term exposure may contribute to health issues such as asthma.

Finding a beetle exterminator need not be a daunting task. With Provincial Pest Control in Ottawa, you can ensure your home is free from these unwelcome invaders.

Carpet beetles can rapidly escalate into a significant problem for both homeowners and business owners. If you’re in search of a pest control service adept at eradicating carpet beetles, Provincial Pest Control is your go-to solution in Ottawa.

How fast do Beetles Multiply? 

An adult female beetle typically lays around 100 eggs in one go. These eggs, white or “creamy” in color, require about 10-30 days to hatch. Like many insects, beetles undergo a complete metamorphosis, transitioning from egg to larval stage, then to pupal, and finally becoming an adult.

Without the right preventive measures, your home could become a prime breeding ground for beetles, leading to a widespread infestation. Such an infestation is not only unsightly but also poses significant risks to your furniture and carpets.

How fast do Beetles Multiply? 

Health Hazards of Beetles

When facing a severe beetle infestation, it’s common for household members to encounter larvae-form beetles. These larvae shells often trigger allergic reactions, manifesting as small, itchy bumps.

Moreover, beetles pose significant risks regarding food contamination. They are drawn to kitchens due to the availability of preferred food sources like flour, rice, and cereals. Such an infestation can quickly lead to widespread contamination of your food items.

To prevent these complications, it’s crucial to store food in tight, secure containers. This simple step can help safeguard your edibles from beetle infestation and protect your family’s health.

Signs of Beetle Infestation

Recognizing a beetle infestation early is crucial to prevent complications later on. Once beetles start reproducing, controlling and eliminating them can become a challenging task. Homeowners should be vigilant for telltale signs of beetle presence.

Sometimes, beetle infestations are mistaken for bed bugs or moths. It’s essential for homeowners to accurately identify the type of infestation they’re dealing with. One of the most effective ways to do this is by observing the specific signs associated with each pest.

Holes in Fabric and Clothes

Beetle larvae tend to feed in groups, resulting in small holes appearing in various spots on fabrics. Additionally, they are often found near wardrobe furniture, especially in areas that are dark and seldom used.

Like many insects, beetles frequently shed their skins throughout their nine-month lifecycle. To identify this shed skin, a closer inspection at the base of your wardrobe is necessary. Finding damaged areas accompanied by leftover skin is a clear indication of a beetle infestation in your property.

Holes in Fabric and Clothes

Look out for Droppings

Discovering droppings around your home is a key indicator of an infestation. These droppings are tiny, often comparable in size to a grain of sand.

Upon noticing these signs, it’s crucial to reach out to a professional beetle removal service for assistance. Their expertise can ensure the infestation is effectively addressed and your home is protected.

Types of Beetle You May Find At Your Home


There are numerous species of beetle that may invade your property. Some of the notable examples include:

American Spider Beetle

These beetles are commonly located on ceilings, but it’s not unusual to find them in your pantry as well, searching for food. They have a preference for grains and flour, though they can also consume bird and animal waste.

American spider beetles are not considered dangerous because they don’t carry toxins or transmit diseases. However, they can contaminate your food products, making them unfit for consumption.

American Spider Beetle

Blister Beetles

Blister beetles are typically outdoor dwellers, often found in backyards and gardens where they feed on flowers and leaves. These beetles are known to be poisonous due to the presence of cantharidin in their bodies, a chemical that can cause serious issues in humans.

Common symptoms resulting from contact with these beetles include vomiting, stomach pain, and burning sensations in the body. Although their bites can be painful, they are not usually considered life-threatening.

Carpet Beetles

As indicated by their name, carpet beetles are commonly found within or close to rugs and carpets. Additionally, they can inhabit floor vents and ducts. Their diet consists of wool and synthetic fibers, which are materials frequently used in carpet manufacturing. They also consume other insects and organic matter.

Carpet beetles are not associated with causing severe issues in humans, though they can trigger allergic reactions ranging from minor to severe.

Carpet Beetles

Cigarette Beetles

Cigarette beetles are a global pest, particularly prevalent in areas where cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco are stored. Their diet is varied, encompassing dried foods and animal feed, and they can also gnaw through cardboard and coffee beans.

While these beetles don’t present major health risks to humans, they can cause considerable damage to household items. Therefore, it’s understandable why property owners view them as bothersome pests.

Drugstore Beetles

Drugstore beetles are a frequent nuisance in households, particularly targeting processed foods often found in kitchens. These beetles are omnivorous, with a diet that spans a range of organic materials, including flours, cookies, bread, and chocolates.

While they do not pose substantial threats to humans or pets in terms of health, their ability to infest and contaminate food renders it unsuitable for consumption. Thus, drugstore beetles are considered more of an annoyance than a danger.

Flour Beetles

Flour beetles commonly inhabit grain sacks and household crevices, acting as scavengers that feed on remnants left by other insects. True to their name, their preferred food source is flour.

These beetles do not pose a direct risk to human health, but they are a concern due to their ability to contaminate food, rendering it unsafe for consumption.

Foreign Grain Beetle

This beetle species is typically discovered in dim and humid spaces like basements and behind wallpapers. They frequently consume mold, fungi, and various organic materials. It’s important to note that they pose no threat to humans and do not cause any complications. Nevertheless, they can be quite bothersome.

Foreign Grain Beetle

Furniture beetle

These beetles commonly inhabit areas around furniture and upholstery, with favored locations including kitchen cupboards and other wooden furniture. Furniture beetles have a tendency to consume both old soft boards and hard boards. While they may not pose health hazards, their presence can result in financial losses due to damage to furniture.

Ground Beetles

Ground beetles typically gain access to buildings through cracks, especially during the summer. They prefer hiding in concealed spaces and are commonly located in damp and dark basement areas. These beetles have a preference for feeding on smaller insects and plants.

It’s worth noting that these beetles can bite if mishandled, posing more of a nuisance than a significant danger to homeowners. While they may not present a serious threat, their presence can be quite bothersome.

Ground Beetles

Japanese beetle

Japanese beetles typically thrive outdoors in the soil, preferring to be near grass and roots for feeding. They have a broad diet that includes various organic materials such as flowers and leaves.

It’s important to note that Japanese beetles are not harmful to humans as they do not bite and do not contain any toxic substances. However, they can still pose a financial threat due to potential damage to plants and foliage, rather than presenting health hazards.

Why DIY Removal is not Feasible 

The temptation to handle beetle infestations on your own may arise, but it’s not an easy task. Doing so not only carries risks but can also result in high costs for homeowners. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for professional services to ensure effective and safe beetle control.

Why Choose a Professional Pest Control Service?

Professionals in pest control are extensively trained to handle the potentially harmful pesticides used in the process. They possess the expertise to determine the right timing and locations for chemical applications, ensuring the effective elimination of pests.

Opting for these professionals not only saves time but also proves cost-effective, as they utilize the latest equipment for enhanced efficiency. Moreover, their services come with a guarantee of thorough removal, assuring that pests, such as ants, won’t return to infest your place.

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Want to Get Rid of Beetle Infestation? Provincial Pest Control (PPC) Can Help!

Provincial Pest Control (PPC) is a highly reputable company dedicated to effectively solving beetle problems in your home. With the right equipment and abundant resources, we ensure exceptional removal services. In the rare event that you are not satisfied with our service, we also provide a money-back guarantee.

PPC extends its comprehensive services to various cities, including Kanata, Orleans, Manotick, Gloucester, Nepean, and Vanier. Rest assured, with PPC, you need not worry about value for money, as we offer efficient services at an affordable price. Don’t wait for an infestation to spiral out of control; address the issue as soon as possible with the help of PPC.

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Distinguishing carpet beetles from bed bugs involves examining size, color, movement, feeding habits, bite marks, and evidence. Carpet beetles are small, varied in color, move quickly, feed on natural fibers, and do not bite. Bed bugs are reddish-brown, move more slowly, feed on blood, leave itchy bites, and leave characteristic evidence.

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