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Squirrel Removal Ottawa

Dealing with troublesome pests at home can pose a challenge, but when it comes to Squirrel Removal in Ottawa, our services stand ready to effectively identify and address the issue. At Provincial Pest Control, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions for squirrel removal in various Ottawa communities. Let us aid you in reclaiming a home free from pests. Reach out today to schedule your complimentary inspection and leverage our expertise in Squirrel Removal to ensure the well-being of your living space.

Squirrel Extermination Cost

For squirrel removal services in Ottawa, pricing typically ranges from CAD 650 to CAD 1150, depending on factors such as the size of the property, the extent of the infestation, and the specific methods required for safe and effective removal.

At Pest Control Ottawa, we offer competitive pricing for professional squirrel removal services. Our experienced team is dedicated to safely and humanely removing squirrels from your property while ensuring the safety and well-being of both the squirrels and the occupants of your home or business.

Contact us today to schedule reliable and efficient squirrel removal services at competitive rates. Trust Pest Control Ottawa to effectively manage and resolve squirrel infestations.

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Hire Provincial Pest Control Exterminators for Squirrel Removal Ottawa

Confronting squirrels in Ottawa presents a unique challenge, and comprehending effective methods to address these nimble intruders is crucial. With a noticeable presence in the city, property owners and businesses are actively seeking ways to keep their premises free from the influence of squirrels. If you are in search of proven strategies and methods for squirrel removal in Ottawa, look no further. Hire Provincial Pest Control Exterminators for effective squirrel management.

Squirrel Removal Ottawa

Squirrels causing chaos in your yard or attic? Our expert Squirrel removal team in Ottawa is just a call away! Swift, efficient, and hassle-free – let us secure your space from squirrel intrusions. Dial now for peace of mind!

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Experience discreet pest control with Provincial Pest Control's unmarked vehicles. Our inconspicuous approach ensures privacy while effectively addressing pest issues. Trust us to handle pests discreetly, maintaining your peace of mind throughout the process.

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Squirrels Are Dangerous & Destructive To Your Property:

While the likelihood of a squirrel attacking a person is minimal, the presence of these animals inside a home poses potential dangers. Squirrels can inflict significant damage to both the exterior and interior of your residence, and once indoors, they bring health risks to your family. The excrement of squirrels has the potential to spread diseases.

Ground squirrel burrows can compromise soil integrity, leading to holes and weakening man-made embankments. They may also compete with livestock for edible pasture and wreak havoc on crops or gardens.

All squirrel types commonly harbor ticks, mites, and various parasites. Specific ground squirrel species are even associated with carrying the plague.


In their quest for the ideal nest, they might explore your attic, chimney, or crawlspace. Unfortunately, their nesting habits can lead to issues such as wire damage, creating a potential fire hazard in ducts and vents. Their penchant for tearing insulation not only impacts your electric bill but also leaves behind unsanitary residues. Outdoors, they can cause damage to siding, fascia, shingles, and your yard, particularly by digging holes to store food. Despite their charm, it’s crucial not to let them overstay their welcome. Contact us for expert assistance in addressing and preventing these concerns.

Physical Characteristics and Dimensions

Ground squirrels possess distinct characteristics that set them apart. Primarily, they construct nests and store food in subterranean tunnels, avoiding elevated spaces. Physically, they share similarities with other creatures like chipmunks and prairie dogs, featuring beady eyes, small ears, and protruding heads – common traits of squirrels. Their size and color don’t offer clear distinctions, as many ground squirrels range from 6 to 15 inches in length, sporting bushy tails measuring 4 to 14 inches. Typically, their coloration includes shades of tan, brown, or gray.

What do Squirrels Eat?

Squirrels are omnivores with a diet that includes nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, and occasionally insects, eggs, and small animals. Their adaptable eating habits make them resourceful foragers in urban and natural environments.

Temperament and Character

Squirrels are naturally curious creatures. Their inquisitive nature leads them to explore their surroundings, investigate new objects, and adapt to changes in their environment.

These animals are highly agile, displaying impressive climbing and jumping abilities. Their swift movements and acrobatic skills help them navigate trees, branches, and urban structures with ease.

Territorial Behavior:
Squirrels can be territorial, especially during certain times of the year. They may defend their nests or food caches from other squirrels or potential threats, exhibiting a protective side.

Squirrels communicate using a range of vocalizations, tail movements, and body postures. Alarm calls, chattering, and tail flicking are common ways they convey messages to each other about potential dangers.

These creatures are highly resourceful when it comes to finding and storing food. They collect nuts, seeds, and other food items, burying them in various locations for later consumption.

Social Dynamics:
While some squirrel species are more solitary, others exhibit social behavior. Ground squirrels, for instance, may live in colonies and share burrows, showcasing a more communal aspect to their character.

Reproduction and Parental Care:
Squirrels often have litters of young, and mothers are known for their attentive care. They build nests, called dreys, to shelter and protect their offspring, demonstrating a nurturing side.

Adaptability to Urban Environments:
Certain squirrel species, particularly grey squirrels, have shown adaptability to urban settings. They coexist with human populations, often seen in parks and neighborhoods, displaying a level of comfort in urban environments.

Squirrels engage in playful activities, such as chasing each other or engaging in acrobatic feats. This playfulness is not only entertaining but also serves as a way for them to hone their skills.

Seasonal Changes:
Squirrels may exhibit variations in behavior based on the seasons.

Physical Characteristics and Dimensions

Squirrels are small to medium-sized rodents with distinctive physical characteristics. They typically have a slender body, long bushy tail, and sharp claws. Their fur color varies among species and can range from shades of brown and gray to red and black. Squirrels have large eyes adapted for excellent vision, and their ears often have tufts of fur. The tail, used for balance and communication, is notably fluffy. The size and specific physical features can vary among different squirrel species, but these general traits contribute to their overall agility and adaptability in various environments.

Health Risks:

While ground squirrels may appear adorable, their presence can pose health risks. Their fur harbors microbes, ticks, and fleas, exposing you to potential infections such as tularemia, ringworm, or typhus upon contact. Pets are equally susceptible. Moreover, the presence of ground squirrels can attract their predators, including snakes and larger mammals, adding another layer of concern to their impact on your environment.

Property Damage:

In seeking to build nests, squirrels can damage homes and structures by chewing openings through the siding and underneath eaves. They also may chew through unscreened chimneys and vents and build nests in these areas. Once in this “nest,” these busy rodents often chew on insulation and wires, which can create a fire risk. Additionally, when squirrels run along utility power wires and cables, they can short out the transformers.
In their quest for the ideal nest, they might explore your attic, chimney, or crawlspace. Unfortunately, their nesting habits can lead to issues such as wire damage, creating a potential fire hazard in ducts and vents. Their penchant for tearing insulation not only impacts your electric bill but also leaves behind unsanitary residues. Outdoors, they can cause damage to siding, fascia, shingles, and your yard, particularly by digging holes to store food. Despite their charm, it’s crucial not to let them overstay their welcome. Contact us for expert assistance in addressing and preventing these concerns.


When the technician arrives, the concerned person should be present when the technician arrives to share his or her concerns, especially if you are unsure of the kind of wild animal that may be nesting inside your property. To properly identify your wildlife issue, our specialist might need total access to your home, both inside and outside.

Looking to Get Rid of Squirrel Pest? Provincial Pest Control (PPC) Can Help!

Provincial Pest Control PPC is well aware that squirrel pests in your house are not only a significant nuisance but also pose risks to your property. To help you combat this problem, we provide a robust and guaranteed service that ensures the permanent removal of squirrel pests.

PPC boasts qualified professionals who can effectively address every squirrel infestation, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case a customer is not satisfied. Get rid of these persistent pests now and make your home safer.

Serving Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Manotick, Gloucester, Nepean, and Vanier, our services extend across various regions to meet your pest control needs effectively. Contact us today for a comprehensive and reliable solution to squirrel pest infestations in your home.

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Deter squirrels effectively with decoys resembling their natural predators, strategically placed and regularly shifted in your yard. Utilize live capture traps baited with pretzels, peanut butter, or acorns to safely relocate captured squirrels. Exercise caution with Bromadiolone-containing poison bait stations, and consider ultrasonic sound repellents for non-intrusive deterrence.

Create a DIY deterrent by mixing water and cayenne pepper, spraying it around plants to discourage squirrels. Ground squirrel gas bombs can swiftly smoke pests from underground tunnels, but ensure compliance with local regulations.

For a comprehensive solution, hire a pest control professional for safe yard fumigation during spring, effectively targeting ground squirrels while minimizing risks to other animals.

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