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People usually don’t consider moths as dangerous pests in a household. However, no homeowner would want these pests to infest the houses in large numbers and chew up any cloth they see. Moth infestations can also lead to plenty of other issues, such as damaging the pantry or leaving webbing on the walls. 

A moth infestation is surely a major problem for the homeowner that needs solving as soon as possible. It is important to be on the lookout for the signs and reach out for professional help if it gets out of control. 

How Fast Do Moths Multiply?

Moths can reproduce at a rapid pace and can cause home infestation without adequate measures. An average adult female moth can lay around 50 eggs within 3 weeks. They usually lay eggs on fabrics, and these eggs contain an adhesive that helps the eggs securely stick to them. 

During the summers, the infestation risk can be higher since the eggs hatch quicker compared to other seasons. Due to their quick infestation pace, it is important that a homeowner gets rid of them quickly. 

Health Hazards of Moths

 These pests are often not dangerous to humans since they do not bite, and neither do they spread any germs. However, they are certainly a nuisance since they can do significant damage to properties. Some of the materials they can damage include food, furniture, and clothes. 

Moreover, it is also common for homeowners to be scared of these moths. This condition is known as mottephobia. In some cases, the dust moths may trigger allergies among homeowners. Surely, no homeowner would like to share a home with moths. 

Signs of Moth Infestation

Homeowners need to be aware of various signs of moth infestation. Some of the notable ones include: 

Holes in Clothes

Moths like to feed on clothes to get their essential nutrients. If you find small holes in your clothes, it can be an indication of a moth infestation in your house. Over time, the number of holes may start to increase if the infestation does not control in time. 

Webbings across the House

Other notable signs could be the moth webbings across the house. Apart from these webbings, you will also come across their furs that are shed excessively. 

Spotting Moths

If you spot any cream-colored moths on the premises, it may be a common sign of infestation. 

Types of Moths you may Find at your Home

There are plenty of moth species that you may find at your house. Some of the notable species include: 

Angoumois Grain Moth

Angoumois moths are often found near grains and pantries. In the house, you may find them in the kitchen. They like to feed on any grain that they can find in the pantry. 

Although they don’t pose any risk to humans, they can cause an economic loss in terms of food damage. 

Casemaking Clothes Moth

These moths are often found near carpets and clothing. A homeowner may spot them in the cupboard where clothes are stored. They feed on any cloth, including wool and fabric, and may also feed on plants. 

Case-making moths don’t have any direct risks to humans, but their larva can significantly damage the clothes, which results in economic loss. 

Gypsy Moth 

Gypsy moths like to stay outside in the garden. You may find them in your garden and backyards. These moths mostly eat leaves and flowers. These moths don’t pose a direct risk to humans but can cause many problems to trees. 

European Gypsy Moth

The European gypsy moth also prefers to live outside in the trees and may exist in backyards or house gardens. They prefer to feed on shrubs and trees. 

They don’t like to come into contact with humans and are unlikely to pose any serious threats. However, if they are in big numbers, they can eventually kill trees. 

Indian Meal Moth 

An Indian meal moth is a type you can easily find in your kitchen. They prefer to eat grains and leftovers. They are not dangerous pests since the moth does not bite or spread diseases. However, this moth might contaminate your food and cause certain health risks. 

Mediterranean Flour Moth

These moths can hide in places like cracks, crevices, and edges of the wall. They love to feed on a range of products in the kitchen. The main concern regarding this moth is that these may leave behind their eggs and droppings, which make the food unsafe for consumption. 

Why DIY Removal is not Applicable

While it may sound tempting to remove the moths yourself, it is not feasible. The reason is simple; it requires plenty of equipment and professional skills to get rid of moths completely. 

Why Choose Professional Pest Control Services?

Provincial pest control (PPC) offers reliable services in Toronto, GTA, and Ottawa. Our company offers the best consultation prior to services, so you can enjoy peace of mind and an effective outcome. Our spider exterminator services are considered some of the best in the area. Not only do we offer top-notch services, but our professional phone services are always open for a free consultation as well. By choosing us, you can say goodbye to spider infestation in your house.

PPC also offers you a guarantee for its services. Another key feature that sets us apart is that we offer same-day services all over Toronto, GTA, and Ottawa. Our quick and swift service makes sure that you don’t spend any additional days with pests. If you are wondering who the best spider exterminator near me is, the answer is right in front of you!

We use proven and licensed equipment which includes a top-quality spider insecticide. All our spider removal services are available at a reasonable choice. Reach out to us now and get the best spider removal services in Ottawa and Toronto.

Want to Get Rid of Moth Infestation? Provincial Pest Control (PPC) Is Here to Help!

Provincial Pest Control PPC is one of the professional pest removal companies that aim to solve the moth infestation at your home effectively. We have the right equipment and resources; moreover, we also ensure that you get the optimum removal services without any complaints. And in any case, if you are not satisfied with our service, we also offer a money-back guarantee to our customers. 

With our company, PPC, you don’t need to worry about the moths anymore. We offer compact services at a reasonable price, which also guarantees your satisfaction. Never wait for the infestation to go out of control, and get rid of it as soon as you can with the help of PPC. 

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