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How to get rid of pharaoh ants?

pharaoh ants

Key Takeaways

  • Pharaoh ants are challenging to manage due to their small size, numerous colonies, and ability to bud into multiple nests if disturbed.
  • Prevention measures include storing food in airtight containers, fixing leaks promptly, and maintaining cleanliness to minimize potential nesting sites.
  • DIY methods like non-commercial bait and insecticidal sprays may not be effective for severe infestations and can cause colonies to bud.
  • Professional pest control services, like those offered by Provincial Pest Control, are recommended for effective pharaoh ant elimination.
  • Professional exterminators use strategic baiting programs, sanitation measures, and ongoing inspections to target colonies and prevent reinfestation.


How to get rid of pharaoh ants naturally and permanently?

The Pharaoh ant, monomorium pharaonis (Linnaeus), is a form of an ant. The term may have come from a misunderstanding of ancient Egypt’s plagues (Peacock et al., 1950). This common domestic ant is found worldwide and has the dubious distinction of being the most difficult to manage of all the household ants. Pharaoh ants live in multi-colonies that are relatively small. They come in various colors, ranging from yellow to light brown to red. Pharaoh ants are tiny ants (1.5 mm long). They aren’t aggressive.

Where do pharaoh ants live?

Pharaoh ants like to be near warm, moist areas. They might make their nests:

  • In hard to reach areas, like behind baseboards
  • In furniture
  • Under floors
  • Between linens

Syrups, fruits, meats, and dead insects are all favorites of pharaoh ants infestation. However, they can be a concern at food-handling enterprises, supermarkets, hospitals, and apartment buildings.

Do they spread disease?

They can get inside even the most secure food packaging because they are so tiny. This means that bacteria they pick up while traveling through buildings could contaminate food and make it dangerous to eat.

What can I do to prevent a pharaoh ants infestation?

If some of you are thinking about getting rid of pharaoh ants in an apartment, house, or workplace and what kills [haraoh ants, you need to know that an infestation occurs when pharaoh ants enter a structure and breed (create more ants). Here are some things you can do to avoid an infestation:

  • Food should be stored in airtight containers.
  • Do not seal any cracks or crevices where ants could hide (these cracks and crevices need to be accessible to be treated).
  • If your water taps are leaking, fix them right away since Pharaoh ants love water.
  • Pharaoh ants adore pet food, so keep it covered when your pets aren’t eating.
  • Keep your house tidy and mop your floors on a regular basis. Pharaoh ants have more places to hide in a cluttered home. Note: do not mop your floors with “smelling cleaning products”, since it will disturb ants.
  • Food should not be left out for more than 2 hours.

Are they hard to get rid of?

Pharaoh ant control is extremely hard. They can have a big colony. And can store tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of ants, with several hundred of them capable of reproducing. It may bud (split) into multiple new nests if a colony is disturbed. To prevent the colony from budging, you must employ the proper treatment of Pharaoh ants and exterminate them properly.

How do I control them at home?

Ant-controlling insecticidal baits are available for purchase. However, if the infestation is severe, or just starting non-commercial bait(s) alone may not be effective, and will cause waste of time.

Do not use an insecticidal spray sparingly, as it may induce the colony to bud. Some ants will be killed by a spray, but not a colony.

When should I hire professional extermination for pharaoh ant infestation?

It’s strongly recommended to employ a licensed pest control technician immediately  if you have any signs of Pharaoh ants. Do not move light Pharaoh infestation to heavy with wrong treatment, just like Provincial Pest Control.

The expert should be able to tell you what’s causing the insect problem and devise a strategy to eliminate it. The professional may need to make many trips, taking days or even weeks. If you have children or pets, let the professional know. Getting Rid Of Carpet Beetle

How professionals get rid of pharaoh ants infestation:

  • The first step in preventing the problem is correctly identifying the ant species that is causing it. Because other ant species resemble pharaoh ants, a pest management professional (PMP) should correctly identify the ant species.
  • While certain ants may be controlled with do-it-yourself approaches, the Pharaoh ant is better left to your PMP. People frequently make the mistake of simply dealing with the ants they see. Because the foragers – those hunting for food and water – are the ones who are noticeable. You won’t eradicate the majority of the ants because foragers are only a minor part of the colony. The key to good Pharaoh ant management is eliminating queens and other workers.
  • Commercial ant baits that are attractive to foraging ants and are strategically put along ant trails and food sources are the most effective control materials. Foraging Pharaoh ants will seek out bait, collect it, and feed it to other colony members, including the queens. The baiting program’s purpose is to eliminate colonies. Baiting initiatives are not a short-term strategy; they must engage the entire system to be effective. Effective Pharaoh ant management takes weeks, Not days, so homeowners and building occupants must remain patient.
  • Because Pharaoh ants are so small, they can get into a home or building through any cracks and gaps and electrical lines and plumbing pipes; therefore, sealing the structure’s outside is unlikely. When inspecting ant trails, make sure to tell your PMP the location of both external and interior trails so they can determine where baits should be placed.
  • Pharaoh ant prevention requires sanitation. Keep countertops clean, remove food scraps from sinks and dirty dishes, clean garbage cans, and cover and pick up pet foods at night. Sanitation is crucial to minimizing food access since fewer food options mean foraging ants are more likely to accept and feed on baits.

Calling a professional pharaoh ant exterminator

Getting rid of Pharaoh ants with do-it-yourself remedies aren’t always effective.

Provincial Pest Control is Toronto’s and Ottawa’s most qualified pharaoh ant pest control company, offering cost-effective pharaoh ant elimination services across the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa. We will inspect your home, business, or any other location you request, as well as any nearby structures, to ensure that you enjoy a pest-free life.

We provide residential, multi-residential and commercial pest control services throughout Toronto and Ottawa for Pharaoh ant infestation. Furthermore, we constantly provide our clients with cost-effective solutions and treatment options.

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