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How to get rid of carpet beetles quickly?

carpet beetles

Key Takeaways

  • Carpet beetles, in their larval stage, can cause significant damage to textiles in homes, including carpets, furniture, curtains, and clothing.
  • Signs of carpet beetle infestation include bare spots in fabric items, scattered larvae skins, tiny droppings, irregular holes, and sightings of adult carpet beetles.
  • Carpet beetles can be found in various areas of the home, including carpets, curtains, furniture, clothing, bedding, pet areas, and food storage areas.
  • DIY methods for getting rid of carpet beetles include identifying the source of infestation, vacuuming infested areas, steam cleaning, using insecticides, and focusing on prevention by sealing entry points and securing food sources.
  • Professional pest control services, like Provincial Pest Control (PPC) in Canada, offer effective and permanent solutions for carpet beetle infestations, including free pest inspections and same-day treatments.


How to get rid of carpet beetles quickly?

Have you been finding holes in your carpets and other upholsteries in and around your home lately? You may have a carpet beetle infestation in your space. Carpet beetles are generally harmless in the adult stage but can wreak havoc on the textiles in your home in the larval stage.

Their sole intent for entering your space is to feast on your carpets, furniture, curtains, clothings, beddings, or any item made with natural fibers. Thus, when in your home, they tend to become a serious nuisance, especially in their larval stage, destroying your fabric if left unchecked.

The good news is that you can make your home and textiles safe from these destructive insects. In this article, you will learn about carpet beetles and how you can get rid of them permanently from your space.

What Are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles are small, oval-shaped insects that are often less than one-quarter inch in size when in the adult stage. They are usually black with a pattern on-top in colors ranging from white to brownish orange. There are several species of carpet beetles, but the ones that commonly invade homes and cause trouble include:

  • The varied carpet beetles.
  • Black carpet beetles.
  • Fur carpet beetles.
  • Furniture carpet beetles.
  • The common carpet beetles.

Carpet beetles can find suitable sites to settle in and procreate in your space. Female carpet beetles are prolific breeders and can lay up to 100 eggs at once. Their eggs are often hatched just two weeks after laying, from which the larvae come out. Their larvae, also called ‘woolly bear,’ are tagged the ‘troublemakers’ because they tend to cause all sorts of problems at this particular stage.

Carpet beetle larvae are small worm-like creatures about 2.5cm in length. They spend most of their lifespan well-hidden while causing significant damage to your belongings. They can consume anything made of natural fibers but primarily love to feed on animal products. Sometimes, they make a meal out of pet food skin cells and get into your packaged food.

They can leave irregular holes and weird spots on your floor covering and upholstery once given a chance to take over your space. However, carpet beetles are not untreatable regardless of the stage they are in their lifecycle.

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestations

If you’ve got a carpet beetle infestation, you may notice the signs before you ever see any of the active carpet beetles. While these destructive insects are pretty difficult to see when indoors, they tend to leave behind obvious damage and evidence inside your home. Knowing this evidence and finding them as soon as possible can save your space from becoming a breeding site for hundreds of carpet beetles.

Here are the common carpet beetle infestation signs to watch out for in or around your home:

  • Bare spots in items made of cool such as clothing, blankets, and rugs.
  • Scattered larvae skins under carpets, rugs, near your furniture, or around pet hair and lint
  • Tiny droppings usually black or brown beneath your wardrobe or close to your furniture base
  • Irregular holes in fabric items such as curtains, clothing, carpets, and your general upholstery.
  • An active adult carpet beetle around bulbs and windows.

Where Can You find Carpet Beetles in Your Home?

Knowing the right place to inspect can help you discover carpet beetle infestations early and commence treatment. You should check for evidence of an infestation, live adult and larval carpet beetles, and their eggs in your home in places where you put the following items and materials:

  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Soft furnishings
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Animal beds
  • Bird nests in the chimney or roof
  • Potpourri
  • Bedding
  • Plants and flowers
  • Pet biscuits
  • Flour and dried pasta

What to Do to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles? 

Carpets beetles hide well, and their eggs are less than 1mm long. This means removing a carpet beetle infestation on your own is pretty difficult but not impossible. However, with patience, diligence, and strictly following the right carpet beetle prevention tips, you can get rid of the infestations yourself. Here are a few DIY remedy tips for a carpet bug infestation:

  • Identify the source of infestation

Inspect every area in your home where carpet beetles could be found for signs of an infestation. This would help you localize the infested areas and also allow you to tackle your carpet bug problems more effectively.

  • Vacuum infested areas

Regularly vacuuming of possible areas infested by carpet beetles, including your carpets, rugs, furniture, and curtains. This would help remove and contain carpet beetle adults, larvae, and even their eggs from your space.

  • Clean all infested areas

Steam cleaning the infested areas. Using a steam cleaner to clean possible infested areas would help take care of the carpet beetles left after vacuuming. The heat and moisture produced by a steam cleaner are powerful enough to eliminate the beetles and eggs that may remain on your fabric materials after vacuuming.

  • Use the best insecticide for carpet beetles 

There are indoor insecticides for carpet beetles that are safe to control these destructive insects. So if you can find the right carpet beetle pesticide and spray while following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can get to liberate your space from carpet beetles and their troubles.

It would help if you sprayed the insecticides on all possible entry points for beetle carpets in your home. This may include spraying around your baseboards, under sinks, or in crevices where these insects sometimes hide. However, it would be best to take necessary precautions before handling these insecticides and applying them for safety reasons.

  • Focus on prevention

Seal off cracks, holes, and other openings on the exterior and interior of your building. Check your building foundation, walls, windows, doors, chimneys, and vents for openings and cover them where detected. That way, you get to deny carpet beetles access to your space.

If you already have an infestation, try to cut-off access to carpet beetles’ food sources and secure your pantry foods in an airtight, pest-proof container. You should also inspect your plants and flowers and ensure they’re free from carpet beetles before introducing them into your house.

  • Hire a carpet beetle control professional

Getting rid of carpet beetles permanently and removing their infestations can only be done by someone who understands their nature. Let a pest control company like Provincial Pest Control (PPC) help handle your carpet beetle extermination.

We are the best carpet beetle exterminators in Canada who understand the lifecycle of these insects. We can help break their development cycle and completely liberate your home from carpet beetle adults, larvae, and even their eggs. Moreover, we offer free pest inspections (to search for over 30 insects, such as millipedes, centipedes, rodents, Bedbugs, and so on) and same-day treatments to homes and offices across Canada.

Carpet Beetle Exterminator Near Me (Canada)

If you’re in Canada and need to get rid of your carpet bug infestation quickly and permanently, you should contact us at Canada’s Provincial Pest Control (PPC) company. We provide carpet beetle pest control services in Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities in Canada at affordable costs. You can request for your free pest inspection here.

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