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How To Get Rid Of Beetles


Key Takeaways

  • Beetles can cause significant harm to homes and families if left untreated and allowed to multiply.
  • They often enter homes accidentally through contaminated items like firewood, packages, or furniture, seeking warm shelter in colder months.
  • Carpet beetle bites can result in itchy rashes due to contact with their hair fibers, though they rarely cause major diseases.
  • Beetles’ small size and swift nature make them difficult to eradicate completely without professional pest control services.
  • Professional exterminators can effectively and safely eliminate beetle infestations, ensuring comprehensive coverage and long-lasting results.


How To Get Rid Of Beetles

There are countless pests that can invade and negatively affect your home. In this article, we will focus on a specific pest that can greatly harm your home and family, and how Pest Control can be the best pest exterminator for the job. Here, we talk about Beetles.

Beetles are a tiny and seemingly harmless creature, but they can reek havoc if they are left untreated and multiply into huge numbers. The small size of the pest makes it easy for them to hide in small areas and go undetected for long periods of time. They are a major threat to your home and your own wellbeing.

Most beetles find homes on plants, but others can burrow and tunnel underground or in trees. Quite often, beetles do not enter your homes in purpose, but rather are brought in through contaminated items such as firewood, packages, dirty clothing, potted plants or furniture. Beetles will often seek out your home on purpose in colder months, seeking warm shelter until the spring.

When bitten by a Carpet beetle, it can result in a bumpy, itchy rash. The cause is from coming into contact with the beetles’ hair fibers. Bites from beetles almost never cause any major diseases or infections but can cause pain in the affected area for several days.

The tiny, swift nature of beetles make them a difficult foe once they are in your home. Many homeowners try to rid their houses of beetles only to find them popping up again in a month because not all the insects were exterminated. Professional pest control services are the best course of action if you want every corner of your home to be covered.

Be it carpet beetle, cucumber beetle, Japanese beetle, the effective and safe tactics of professional exterminators will make sure your infestation is under control and your pests are exterminated. Professional pest control will make sure beetles and any other pests in your home are gone the first time and gone for good.

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