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How To Achieve a Rodent-free Home

Rodent-free Home

Key Takeaways

  • Proper storage of food and sanitation measures are crucial for preventing rodent infestation at home.
  • Common rodent entry points into the house include air conditioner compressors, foundation overhangs, window wells, and ventilation holes in the attic.
  • Rodent proofing involves inspecting and sealing off all entry points, storing food in airtight containers, and maintaining cleanliness indoors and outdoors.
  • Sanitizing the house and removing shelter options like moist areas and debris in the yard make the environment less conducive for rodents.
  • Provincial Pest Control (PPC) offers professional exterminator services in Ottawa and Toronto, providing tailored rodent-free home solutions including assessment and monitoring.


Rodents are an opportunistic and inquisitive pest. They are always looking for chances to get into the house to eat and drink. Rodent presence at home is unsafe and unhealthy. Asides constituting nuisance, rodents are natural carriers of bacteria-causing diseases.

Rodents like hide and seek, so you must rodent-proof your house to make it unconducive for them. In this article, you’ll learn about major attractants of Rodent-free Home, tips for rodent proofing and other facts on rat extermination at home.

Foods That Attract Rodents To The House

Rodents are always looking for constant supply of food and water. Rotents are attracted to food in open containers like flour, chips. Cereal and other non-perishables. Rodents like fruits, vegetables, pet food and water left unsecured. The common areas you can find rodents at home is around the leaky pipes, faucets, open trash and compost containers. Specifically, rodents like the following edibles:

1. Salty and sweet food – Food with high sugar contents like chocolate, jerky, biscuits, cookies, cakes or gum drops are major source of attraction for rodents. They also like food with minimal salt and high protein content. A great rodent control measure is removing rodent food source.

2. Fruit and berries – Berries like rasberry, strawberry, black berries and other fruits are rodents best friends. The consume lots of fruits and beries especially rotten fruits in the bush, on the trees or in the trash cans. Rodents can smell sweetness from a far and trace the fruits.

3. Nuts – Nuts are like magnet for rodents. They are attracted to walnuts, almonds, peanuts, peanut butter, hazelnuts, groundnuts and more. Nuts are high-proteins that nourishes rodent to health and they are rodents favorites. In fact, to get rid of the mice population at home with trap, peanut butter is used to lure rodents to traps.

4. Meat – Rodents eat more of seeds, grains, creales than meat. Not all species of rodents eats meats and rodents don’t hunt for meat naturally. However, they eat meat when they come across it. Rats eat fish, poultry and red meats. Rodents feed on meat in trash can or at the dumpsters.

5. Trash and food scraps – Dumpsters, trash can, dust bins and garbage sites are goldmines to rodents. They find meat, cheese, vegetables, bread, fruits, grains at the trash place.

6. Pet and animal food – Rodents feed on other pet and animal food. If you are keeping dogs or cat as pest, ensure that their is in a secured place. Rodents love hay, poultry food, seeds, grains, dog foods and more. Bald-Faced Hornet: Everything You Need To Know

Common Rodent Entry Points into the House

Have you ever wondered how the rodents get access into the house? Rodents have flexible body and will take any opportunity to enter into the house if they find any hole. If they see any opening, they will naturally look to see since they are constantly searching for warmth and food. There are tens of places to get into the house if you allow them. To prevent rodent infestation(s) watch out for the following places in your house.

Air conditioner compressor and Gas Line
Bay windows and foundation overhangs
Holes near the doors leading to crawl spaces or outside
Window wells or holes around the doors
Ventilation hole in the attic
Holes around sinks, pipes and faucets leading outside
Cracked foundations at the garage or basements

How To Achieve a Rodent-free Home

One of the best way to get a rodent-free home is rodent proofing (the step taken by homeowners to identify and remove everything that makes possible for rodent existence in the house). The major 3 step rodent proofing, required in every home include proper storage of food that attracts rodents, inspecting and sealing off every entry point into the house and sanitizing the house. Doing this would reduce rat infestation at home.

• Proper Storage – Don’t forget to store left overs and raw food grains in an airtight container. Rodents love grains and removing their food source is one way to reduce their presence at home. Organize your storage well and inspect your pantry regularly. İnstead of using cardboard boxes, store your dry food in plastic containers. You can also store above the ground level on shelves and pallets to keep rodents away.

• Sanitation – After removing the food source, remove their shelter too by sanitizing the house. Proper home sanitation indoors and outdoors is important. After cooking, ensure that you clean the crumb areas around your stoves, sink and refrigerators. Clear food off the countertop and sanitize regularly, ensure that you clean up moist areas, remove leftover pet food and cover the trash can tightly at all times.

For safe removal of rats outdoors, mow the lawns regularly to reduce rodent hideouts, pick up fallen fruits in the environment, trim vegetations, and remove all old equipment’s and debris in your yard. The goal of sanitation is to make the environment unconducive for rodents to thrive and live.

• Inspection and sealing – Sealing is a proven method of rodent extermination. Inspect your home and seal off all cracks and likely entry points into the house. Sealing their access points makes it impossible for them to gain entrance inside. Repair all cracks, seal all gaps and exterior lines, and cover up all open insulation.

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