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How do I prevent bed bugs?

On previous post we gave you all the characteristics of bedbugs and the consequences
that they carry when being in for home or business. now we want you to give you the
easier ways of preventing you to have a bedbug infestation.

The most obvious way of prevention is by Keeping a clean house can be fundamental
when trying to avoid bedbugs but sometimes you bring them home with you by

To stop bed bugs from entering your home, we recommend you avoid bringing infested items
into your home. Thoroughly inspect your clothing, backpacks and luggage and especially the
things that you pick from a garage sale or from the street.

When traveling, check the place you are staying in for signs of bed bugs. Store your luggage off
the floor and away from the bed, such as on a luggage stand.

Not only clean your home regularly. You have to also include vacuuming your mattress
and cleaning up clutter to your cleaning task in order to reduce the number of places
bed bugs can hide.

If you buy furniture and bedding from second-hand stores or garage sales, check them for bed
bugs. Do not rely on the word of the store owner or seller, who may not be up to date on bed

We want to highlight avoiding at all cost picking up furniture left on the roadside, you
never know where it came from nor what lives inside, you don’t want unwelcome
tenants on your house.

You should Install or repair screens to stop birds, bats or rodents from entering your
home, believe it or not they are the favorite source of transportation of bedbugs and
they can even become great hosts for bed bugs.

If you think you may have a bedbug infection or if you have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with
us, because in PPC we care about you.

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