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Getting Rid Of Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle

Key Takeaways

  • Professional carpet beetle extermination involves multiple methods such as insecticide treatment, diatomaceous earth application, and steam cleaning.
  • DIY methods like vinegar spray and vacuuming can provide temporary relief but may not fully eradicate carpet beetle infestations.
  • Laundering clothing and linens in hot water is recommended to eliminate carpet beetle eggs and larvae.
  • Prevention measures include regular cleaning, avoiding natural fibers in carpets and furniture, and ensuring proper storage of linens and clothing.
  • Provincial Pest Control offers comprehensive carpet beetle elimination services with financing options, annual protection plans, and a money-back guarantee.


How to getting rid of carpet beetle with the help of professional carpet beetle extermination company?

If you’ve determined that the multicoloured, pinhead-sized bugs travelling slowly and rolling over when touched are carpet beetles, it’s time to act quickly. Why? While carpet beetles do not transmit disease, they are voracious eaters. They aren’t picky eaters, and they breed quickly, so any object made of natural fibres – furniture, clothing, curtains, and carpets – can be quickly damaged.

Where are carpet beetles found?

Carpet beetles infest various items, including your carpet – hence the name – curtains, cushions, and other soft furniture. Carpet beetles can also be found in dried pasta, pet biscuits, and other foods. If you can’t figure out what’s causing the problem, get a professional pest control service to get rid of the problem.

Can carpet beetles harm humans?

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation

Since carpet beetle eggs are small and difficult to see, most people are unaware of an infestation until they discover damage to fabrics or other goods. This can show up as bare places in rugs or little holes in garments or fabric. Larger holes indicate regions where carpet beetles have eaten in large numbers, and the eaten sections have joined together.


Cleaning is key to getting rid of carpet beetles. You’ll have to work hard to get rid of the eggs, larvae, and adult beetles.

Professional Carpet Beetle Extermination

Professional carpet beetle extermination can efficiently eliminate carpet beetle infestations in six ways.

Insecticide for carpet Beetles

The carpet beetle exterminator will treat the under carpet or upholstery with an insecticide made for for carpet beetles treatment, it will stop an active larval infestation. Before treating under carpet, carpet will be inspected. Commercial chemicals do not leave any stain.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another natural solution that many pest exterminators utilise is diatomaceous earth, which quickly kills larvae by dehydrating them. It’s strewn in the backs of cabinets, closets with “Electrical Duster” which helps to control the amount of used dust.

We use commercial, ministry of environment approved products, which is safe for both pets and humans. Client getting provided with “Preparation sheet for treatment”, and vacant premises before pest control technician starts the treatment.

Vinegar Spray

Carpet bugs are resistant to both white and apple cider vinegar. So, according to posts in social media do-it-yourself treatment video materials, pour pure vinegar into an empty spray bottle and mist well behind furniture, under carpets (including edges) might help.

Note: We do not recommend any do-it-yourself methods, since we are not familiar with results after do-it-yourself methods.

Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

Carpet beetles can be removed with regular vacuuming, sometimes before they have a chance to cause significant harm. On the other hand, expert pest controllers know how to use the proper attachments to reach into crevices and clean drapes and upholstery. We steam clean your home to kill larvae and eggs before sucking them up, as heat is another effective weapon against carpet beetles.

Laundering pillows and clothing

We recommend that our clients wash their garments, pillows, towels, and linens in hot water with detergent. If you don’t want to preserve infested or damaged clothes, put them in plastic bags and throw them away in a sealed rubbish receptacle.

DIY – Carpet Beetle Prevention

When carpet beetles have been exterminated from your home, you need to take precautions to avoid another infestation. Carpet beetles will not return if food sources are removed, vacuuming is done frequently. Finally, keep a weekly cleaning, sweeping, and vacuuming program for carpet beetle prevention from establishing themselves in your home. Get rid of oriental cockroach

Carpet Beetle deterrents

Cleaning is still the most effective way to prevent carpet beetles out of your home. Garbage collection, regular vacuuming, and frequent laundering of clothing, linens, and pillows will make your home less appealing to pests.

You can also add barriers to block carpet beetles with a few additional steps:

  • To begin, put linens and clothing in plastic containers or bags.
  • Carpet beetles dislike sunlight, so letting natural light inside drawers and closets will keep them away.
  • Natural fibres should be avoided in rugs, carpets, and furniture. Carpet beetles rarely eat synthetics.
  • Other types of household pests should be identified and removed.

Calling a professional carpet beetle exterminator

Getting rid of carpet beetles on your own can be challenging. Carpet beetle eggs are persistent and tough household pests, and do-it-yourself remedies aren’t always effective.

Provincial Pest Control is Toronto’s and Ottawa’s most qualified carpet beetle pest control company, offering cost-effective carpet beetle elimination services in Toronto and Ottawa. We will inspect your home, business, or any other location you request, as well as any nearby structures, to ensure that you enjoy a pest-free life.

We provide residential, multi-residential, and commercial pest control services throughout Toronto, GTA and Ottawa if you have a carpet beetle infestation. Furthermore, we constantly provide our clients with cost-effective solutions and treatment options.

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