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Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

The fear of an invited guest is a never-ending one. Just imagine this uninvited guest, in addition to eating your food and nesting in your house, is damaging your property as well. Carpenter ants are the uninvited guests in question, at an alarming size of 5/8 of an inch and sometimes possessing wings, these fairly large black ants nest in the sections of your property comprised of wood and chew their way through to make the nest size larger. Carpenter ants will create highway-like tunnels throughout the interior structure of the property in order to facilitate moving and obtaining food for the colony, especially the queen.

Due to carpenter ants often being mistaken with termites, we highly recommend having a professional pest control expert to inspect the property for reassurance. Seeing sawdust along the baseboards or perimeters of the property is one of the first indications that a carpenter ant infestation is occurring. It is important to note that contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not feed on wood. They instead burrow through it to create nests and to move around easier by tunneling. If left untreated, as the colonies grow, severe damage can be done to the structure of the property from within. What attracts carpenter ants is sources of food available such as protein (found in pet food and general leftovers) and sweets such as syrup and other sugary goods. Moisture is also a great attractant to carpenter ants, as it helps to rot the wood within that area, thus aiding in tunnel creation for the worker ants. The main nest of carpenter ants is often found in rotting or decaying wood, such as within windows, chimneys, sinks, or doorframes.

In terms of any potential harm caused by this species of ants, while it is unlikely, carpenter ants can bite in self defense. This is not, however, known to cause any serious harm or threat to an individual’s health. As always, the best way to deal with pests is through a professional.

Carpenter ants are more likely to be present and active in the warmer seasons of the year, and can be found both outside and inside the property. Prevention of carpenter ants starts with ensuring that there are no leaks within the structure, and to make sure no food is being left out, especially at night as worker carpenter ants usually begin scavenging after sundown, and a readily available food source is a sure way to bring them inside.

Provincial Pest Control’s highly trained team of experts takes pride in initiating a treatment plan by first inspecting the property with regards to level of carpenter ant activity, structural damage caused, and the frequency of treatments required for best results. Our combination of spray applications for exterminating the ongoing issue, in addition to setting up a preventative perimeter both inside and outside the property using dusting and bait products will ensure to leave your home or place of work carpenter-ant free!




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