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Fly Control in Your Home in Canada

From fruit flies to houseflies and everything in-between, flies are found everywhere people live and they cause nuisances wherever they are found. One fruit fly can lay up to 50 eggs daily, and they are mostly found in the kitchen. It is relatively common to find a fly inside the house at random; but it […]

How to get rid of flies?

How to get rid of flies in the house quickly? Flies are winged insects with one pair of wings. They belong to one of the largest orders of insects referred to as ‘Diptera.’ This order consists of an estimated 1,000,000 species of ‘true flies’ of which about 125,000 species have been described. Out of the […]

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free

Mosquitos are among the most annoying pests by far. Their buzzing around your ears is enough to completely distract you from whatever you’re doing. Sometimes, you won’t even notice when they’re sucking on your blood, causing you an endless itch that lasts all summer long. And if that wasn’t bad enough, mosquitos are carriers of […]