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Fire ants one of the most invasive and dangerous ants

Fire Ants are one of the most invasive and dangerous types of ants you can find. They are capable of contaminating your food as well as causing harm through their bites.

Like other ants, fire ants are attracted to food sources. They look for scraps and any garbage that’s been left behind. Sweet foods such as honey, candies, jellies, or syrup are favorites of fire ants. Excess moisture is also attracts the pests, meaning leaking pipes and drains are a common place to find ants. Finally, the fragrance of most plants as well as the damp soil used for plants can often attract fire ants. Do not leave soil residue lying around as it attracts them.

The fire ant’s infamous bites are what make them highly dangerous. Fire ants bite and sting their victim when they feel disturbed or threatened while foraging for food. When most fire ants bite, they inject toxic alkaloid venom. The bite causes a painful sting in humans, and the result can be deadly to sensitive individuals.

Fire ant removal is a difficult task due to the sheer number of ants per colony. Most ant species build hills that house an average of 250,000 of the pests. Because of this, total extermination is very difficult. Professional fire ant removal services from Pest control are highly recommended as they have the skills and equipment to properly remove pests like fire ants without getting bitten a thousand times in the process.


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