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FAQ: Oriental cockroach infestation


Oriental cockroaches are one of the world’s most unhygienic household pests. They are mostly located in moist and damp areas indoors and outdoors. Oriental roaches feed on organic matters like garbage, sewage, and other decaying material full of pathogens. This pest transfers germs through their body to different places at home, leading to contamination of food contamination and serious disease. Once you notice oriental cockroach infestation, take immediate steps to eradicate them. Read more here to get answers on how to get rid of and control and oriental cockroach infestation.

What Is An Oriental Cockroach?

Oriental Cockroaches (Blatta Orientalis), also known as “black bettle,” are large oval-shaped insects with shiny black or dark brown color. A typical oriental cockroach measures about 1-inch, and they come in male and female species with different appearances.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

The male oriental cockroaches are smaller, with wings covering about three-quarters of their abdomen, while the female species are wingless and bigger. Both the male and female oriental cockroaches cannot fly. They have 6 legs and 2 long antennae. You will perceive a musty smell in a place infested with oriental cockroaches.

What Is Oriental Roaches Lifecycle?

The oriental cockroach has three developmental stages: egg to nymph to adults. Female oriental cockroaches carry their eggs in capsules and deposit them on a protected surface close to a food supply. The female roaches produce an average of 6-8 capsules in a lifetime. Each capsule has about 16 eggs and gets hatched in 60days at room temperature.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Feed On?

The peak period for adult oriental cockroaches is late spring or early summer. Oriental cockroaches feed on starches, organic debris, garbage, and sewage. They can survive up to a month without food, but they can’t survive without water for more than two weeks. They call them “water bugs,” and you will see them congregating in dumpy and moist areas.

Where Do Oriental Cockroaches Hide Outdoors?

The oriental cockroaches live primarily outside in cool, dark, and damp places. Outside, oriental cockroaches are around leaf piles, sewers, ground covers, cisterns, dumping grounds, and garbage cans.

Where Do Oriental Cockroaches Hide Indoors?

Oriental cockroaches can survive cold temperatures up to the lowest freezing point. These roaches can’t climb smooth and steep surfaces. They get inside through openings close to the ground like under the door, refrigerators, dryer vents, air ducts, window frames, or garbage chute spaces. You will likely find them inside the house around washing machines, under sinks, crawl spaces, floor drains, and damp basements.

Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous?

Naturally, the oriental cockroaches live outside, and they feed on organic trash. As they try to enter your house looking for food, they carry disease-causing pathogens on their bodies, contaminating foods in the pantry, dishes, countertops, and other surfaces at home.

Can Oriental Cockroaches Cause Disease?

Food contaminated by cockroach feces can lead to intestinal tract disorders in humans. Some of the diseases transmitted by oriental cockroaches include dysentery, diarrhea, and food poisoning.

They can spread flu-like illnesses because they carry bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella.

What’s more, they can create airborne contaminants. When their feces or body parts are trapped in the air ducts, it can cause a respiratory problem for you and your family. In fact, skin contact with oriental cockroaches can cause an allergic reaction like a body rash, nasal congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes.

How Do Oriental Cockroaches Smell?

You will notice a musty and irritable odor in areas where they are many, and this odor can change the smell or flavor of food around. Aside from the strong odor, these roaches are a nuisance at home, and they can ruin any food they come in contact with.

What Are the Signs Of An Oriental Cockroach Infestation?

There are three primary ways to identify an oriental cockroach infestation: sighting them around the house, sighting their egg capsule and feces, and smelling their strong, musty odor.

During the warmer month of the year, you will see them in moist places. They are very active at night, so you will see them congregating in the dark. The primary way oriental cockroaches communicate is through chemicals they secrete in their body. These chemicals have a strong, musty odor that alerts homeowners of the infestation.

How Can I Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches?

To permanently get rid of oriental cockroaches, you need chemicals and bait. Follow this step by step guidelines for the best oriental cockroach treatment.

  • Use bait

For every oriental cockroach you notice in your house, dozens lurk and hide somewhere. Get oriental roach bait to kill them; the baits blend food, water, and insecticides. İt is attractive to the roaches as they feed on it, share it with others, and die.

  • Spray them with chemicals

Avoid squashing these roaches because of their must bad odor. Instead, spray them with no-mess roach insecticide. Spray directly on the roach and in their colonies. It is not advisable to use bait and insecticide at the same time.

  • Use roach barrier insecticides

These are insecticides sprayed to keep roaches away in the future. You can spray it beforehand on your windows, door, or countertops. Once the roaches cross the barrier, they die.

  • Use sticky traps

You can also use sticky traps with glue to trap down roaches. This trap would not be advisable when there is a large oriental roach infestation.

How Do I Prevent Oriental Cockroaches?

  • The best approach to oriental cockroaches control is by practicing good sanitation. Ensure that you vacuum your kitchen often to prevent infestation. Keep your kitchen clean by removing all spills, grease build-up, and food crumbs.
  • Use a dehumidifier in basements and crawl spaces at home to prevent moisture from accumulating because oriental roaches like damp and moist environments.
  • Seal all openings that can serve as an entry point for these roaches. Seal all cracks at the door, pipes, utility line, and windows with silicone-based caulk.
  • Avoid standing water around the home’s foundation. Ensure that you divert the water into downspouts, splash blocks, or functioning gutters.
  • Fix and repair all leakages and water fixtures at home.
  • Since oriental roaches like organic matters, always keep your trash can closed and empty as soon as possible.

Oriental Cockroach Treatment Near Me (Canada)

If you have a large oriental roach infestation in your home, avoid handling it on your own. The DIY prevention and control will only work for small infestation issues. The best option to permanently eliminate oriental cockroaches in your home is to hire a pest control company like Provincial Pest Control (PPC) for immediate control. At PPC, we have years of experience eliminating oriental cockroaches in residential and commercial areas. We have experts who know how to get rid of and control and oriental cockroach infestation.


If you need Oriental cockroach treatment in Canada, you can call Provincial Pest Control (PPC). We have a reliable and responsive team to develop a tailored solution for pest infestation in your home. We are available in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond, Ottawa, and other major cities across Canada. We offer a free oriental cockroach inspection and non-toxic treatment to homeowners and businesses. Our free inspection covers over 30 pests; request our free inspection today at here.



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