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Facts About Bed Bug Bite in Canada

Bed Bug Bite in Canada

Key Takeaways

  • Bed bugs are pervasive in Canada, infesting various environments and causing distressing bites that can lead to sleep disturbances.
  • Identifying bed bug bites can be challenging as they resemble other insect bites, but they typically appear as small, itchy bumps on exposed skin areas.
  • Although bed bug bites are generally harmless, they can cause allergic reactions and emotional distress in some individuals.
  • Signs of bed bug infestation include molt on the skin, stains on furniture, bloodstains, and droppings, requiring prompt professional extermination services.
  • Bed bugs are difficult to exterminate due to their rapid reproduction, tiny size, and resistance to DIY methods, necessitating expert intervention for effective removal.


There are few insects in the world as annoying as bed bugs. Their survival and reproduction depend on biting the skin of humans and animals and sucking blood. Even if you want to avoid them, they are everywhere in Canada, from schools to stores, offices, dormitories, hotels, and more.

Furthermore, their bite leaves irritating marks, and the distressing itching can cause you to lose sleep. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify a bed bug bite because it is raised, itchy, and inflamed, just like other insect bites.

Many Canadian homes struggle with bed bug infestation, and many people seek out the best exterminators Canada to permanently eliminate bed bug problems. In this article, you’ll learn everything about bed bug bites, how to deal with them, and challenges and solutions to getting rid of bed bugs in canadian homes.

How Bed Bugs Bite

There is a needle-like mouth part on their underside. Bed bugs use this mouth part to pierce human and animal skin to suck blood from the blood vessel. Specifically, after sucking the blood, they inject their saliva into the punctured area to numb it. As a result, you probably won’t feel a bed bug bite.

Additionally, they are nocturnal, so they feed on human blood, mainly at night when you are fast asleep. Despite not biting as fast as mosquitoes, they are relatively fast at hiding after feeding.

Bed bugs can bite any part of the body. Typically, bed bug bites will be small and bumpy in open areas such as the neck, legs, arms, torso, and hands. In some cases, bed bug bites cluster together in a particular area, usually near the edge of the exposed skin. Swelling, itching, and swelling typically accompany it, and the severity varies between individuals. Please, do not scratch the bite to prevent rashes and more severe reactions.

Effects of Bed Bug Bite

Fortunately, the bites aren’t harmful but leave unsightly marks that sometimes itch. Although bed bug bites do not pose a health risk, their effects vary from person to person. It can lead to allergic reactions in some people. The bite also can lead to emotional distress from waking up with itchy skin.

If you aren’t affected by the bite, you can wash it with mild soap and apply anti-inflammatory cream to relieve the itchiness. If you notice any severe reaction, call for medical assistance immediately.

Finally, bed bug bites are a sign of bed bug infestation. An appearance of molt on the skin and stains on furniture are additional signs of infestation. Besides, bed bugs leave ugly bloodstains, dark spots, and droppings on your home or office furniture. And the cost of replacing upholstery and furniture after a massive infestation can be so high. When you notice these signs, you need a bed bug extermination service.

Expert Tips to Prevent Bed Bug Bite

  • Contact a professional pest control service immediately

Don’t risk waiting too long before you tackle bed bugs. Their rapid reproduction will lead to a spread that is difficult to control. At provincial pest control, we offer a free inspection service to evaluate the bed bug problem.

  • Search furniture upholstery 

Bed bugs hide in unsuspected areas of the furniture. Check the lines of the furniture and the sides of your mattress. You can also check baseboards and wall openings.

  • Separate clothing affected

Sort the affected clothing items into a clean plastic bag. After separating, ensure that you wash them thoroughly. Dispose of the plastic bag immediately and keep the clothing until you permanently remove the bugs.

  • Vacuum, Vacuum, vacuum

The bed bug population is reduced when you use the vacuum. Vacuum the rug, cracks, furniture, floors, and beds. Seal the vacuum bag and dispose of it outside in the trash bin.

Even though these tips will help a lot, bed bug infestations can be difficult to eliminate. DIY methods aren’t 100% effective in getting rid of bed bugs.

Reasons Why Bed Bugs Are Difficult To Exterminate

  • Rapid multiplication

They have a short breeding time. It is very difficult to exterminate bed bugs due to their rapid reproduction. A female bed bug can lay up to 5000 eggs within six months. The rate of growth depends on the location of their nest. The preferred places to grow are in an undisturbed nest, like wall cracks, floorboards, or behind furniture. Lastly, avoid buying used furniture or inspect it thoroughly to prevent bed bug infestations.

  • Tiny and almost invisible bed bug size

Bed bugs are tiny and flat insects. They are challenging to kill because they are almost invisible. Adult bed bugs are approximately 5-7mm long, so the young bed bugs are extremely thin. The lifespan of bed bugs is about 5 to 6 months, and they can survive for a long time without a blood meal. How many small bed bugs do you want to kill? Mechanical killing is never effective; contact professionals for long-lasting results.

  • Ineffective DIY

The presence of bed bugs is unsightly, so you may be tempted to do something about it immediately. While this is a smart move, it may not be the most appropriate step. Most DIY methods worsen bed bug problems. Insecticides used indiscriminately can harm your health and the immediate environment. Your DIY method may target the bugs you see, but hidden eggs are difficult to identify. Consult experts like provincial pest control for bed bug removal for a one-time solution. Scheduled evaluations follow treatment to check progress, and services are affordable.

Bed Bug Exterminators in Toronto

Are you having a Toronto bed bug infestation problem? We can help you permanently eliminate bed bugs at Provincial Pest Control (PPC)Our team begins by inspecting your space and creating a customized solution for you. Almost everywhere in Canada is covered by our operations. Please don’t fret about the cost of bed bug removal because we offer affordable bed bug extermination services. More importantly, our experts understand the breeding nature of bed bugs. We have a track record of excellent bed bug extermination; yours won’t be an exception. Take a step towards having a bed-bug-free space by calling us for a free inspection of commercial and residential buildings today.

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