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Exterminator For Ants in Ottawa

Exterminator For Ants in Ottawa

Key Takeaways

  • Provincial Pest Control guarantees complete ant removal within a day in Ottawa and Toronto.
  • DIY ant treatments are not effective against colonized ants, and professional extermination is recommended.
  • There are various methods for ant extermination, including baiting, chemical insecticides, and trapping.
  • PPC offers sophisticated and effective solutions for ant and pest control, emphasizing safety and efficiency.
  • Contacting PPC for professional ant extermination can save property, time, and money while ensuring the problem is handled effectively.


Provincial Pest Control can provide you with mind-blowing service as an exterminator for ants in Ottawa and Toronto. Being in the field for a long time makes us confident to guarantee the complete removal of ants from your property within a day. 

Ant extermination is an important aspect of pest control for Ottawa residents, as ants can be a nuisance and even cause damage to properties. There are several different methods of ant extermination available, each with its advantages and disadvantages, and PPC knows all of these methods with proper implication process.

PPC is a well-known service provider as an Exterminator for ants in Ottawa; not only that, we tend to bind a proper extermination process that can permanently remove ants from your property. 

Pesticides are the most common method of ant extermination, and they are effective against both small and large ants. Pesticides are not harmful to humans and pets, if used carefully and followed label requirements by technicians and residents.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Ottawa?

First and foremost, DIY (do it yourself) do not take control of colonized ants and do not exterminate ants. DIY treatment might lead to serious damage in the long term, and remember the ant’s bite is quite painful. The best thing is to call professional exterminators for ants, mice, rats and cockroaches, which will lead the way and clear the property from such pests. Everything You Need To Know About Oriental Cockroaches

Here are a few tips that may help you to get rid of Ants:

Clean and dry all areas where ants are known to gather. This will help prevent them from nesting.

Remove any food sources that the ants may be using. This can include any crumbs or scraps that may be left out.

BEFORE ants infestation: Seal cracks and openings in the structure from OUTSIDE where ants are known to enter. This can include around windows and door frames, as well as around electrical outlets and pipes.

Use a bait that is specifically designed to attract and exterminate ants. Some examples are bait for ants. Place the bait in areas where the ants are known to be active.

 Not recommended as DIY as it’s a process that includes chemical usage. Use an insecticide that is specifically designed to kill ants. Apply solutions purchased from stores in areas where the ants are seen or found. Do not apply solutions purchased from the store to any surfaces that you will be touching. Follow the instructions that come with the product. 

Call a professional exterminator if you are unsuccessful in getting rid of ants. Ants are difficult to eliminate, and professional help may be needed. 

Suppose you are looking for a pest controller in Ottawa or an Exterminator for Ants in Ottawa. In that case, PPC could be a lifesaver, Property saver, and Money saver solution for your pest problems. 

Process of Extermination for ants in Ottawa:

Several methods can be used to exterminate ants in Ottawa. Some common methods include baiting and trapping, systemic insecticides, chemical insecticides, and trapping. It is important to choose the right method for the ant colony being eliminated, as each extermination method has its advantages and disadvantages. 

PPC are professional in what they do and know exactly how to use extermination methods for ants and other pests to control the damage. Please refrain from taking these operations into your hands, as this could lead to disastrous situations with negative results. 

Eradication Method:

Eradication methods such as baiting and trapping rely on the ants coming into contact with a substance that will exterminate ants. This method is effective against small numbers of ants, but it must be challenging to control the eliminated colony size.

Systemic Insecticides:

Systemic insecticides are a more sophisticated form of ant extermination that can be used to control larger colonies. However, systemic insecticides are more expensive and may adversely affect non-target organisms.

Chemical Insecticides:

Chemical insecticides are ant extermination that uses toxic chemicals to exterminate ants. These chemicals can be harmful if they enter the environment, and care must be taken to use them properly. Chemical and extermination are effective against large colonies, but they can also be more expensive than other methods. 


Trapping is a form of ant extermination that uses specially designed traps to capture the ants and release the poison. This method is effective against small numbers of ants, but it can be difficult to set the traps properly. Trapping also requires regular maintenance to ensure that the trap remains operational.

What Can You Do Yourself?

Temporary Measures for Ants:

Here are some measures to do for temporary effectiveness against Ants:

Spraying the perimeter of your property with products from stores recommended for exterior perimeter spray. This will exterminate any type ants that cross the line, but it won’t necessarily get rid of all of them.

Sucking up nests and ant colonies with a vacuum cleaner. Ants dislike being sucked up, so this can be effective in getting rid of large colonies.

Using a specially designed ant trap. These traps use a chemical or heat to kill ants and can be placed in areas where an ant problem is suspected.

Organizing your pantry and kitchen cabinets so that food is inaccessible to ants. Ants love the taste of sugar, so keeping sugary snacks out of reach will help to keep them away.

 Employing a professional exterminator such as PPC. PPC professionals have the latest technology and equipment for getting rid of ants and usually charge most affordable fee for their ant extermination and other pest control services.

There are many different methods that Ottawa residents can use to get rid of ants. Some methods are more effective, but all have pros and cons. So the best option is to have someone specified to do the extermination of Ants in Ottawa.

What should you NOT DO Around Ants?

 Do not attempt to remove ants yourself. This can be very dangerous, and you may wind up injuring yourself in the process. Calling a professional is the safest option.

Make sure to leave food out where ants can get to it. Ants love sugary snacks, and leaving them around will encourage them to return. 

Do not use harsh chemicals to get rid of ants. These can be harmful to both you and the ants, and they may also damage your property. Use a specially designed trap instead.

Do not pour water or any other liquid on the ants. This will only cause them to run away, and it will not kill them. Instead, use a dustpan and brush to get rid of them.

Do not place anything on top of an ant hill. This does not harm them but can make them anxious to come out, which will create a fuss around the colony, and many of them will come out at once. 


Who is the best Exterminator Near Me For Ants?

PPC is profound to be a highly effective service provider against Ants and pest controls and tends to provide the best possible solution ASAP. 

How much is pest control for ants?

Pest Control for ants can cost anywhere between $195 and $500 based on the number of operations required to deal with the Ants. The price can change if they need to get rid of more than one colony or do multiple visits to exterminate ants. 

Does the Exterminator get rid of ants?

If you call professionals, rest assured that these exterminators will surely get rid of ants for you in no time. Ensure that the exterminators you call are field experts and know what they are dealing with. 


Ants can be a real deal sometimes, and if you are facing serious property damage due to ants and pests don’t waste any further time and call the best Exterminator for ants in Ottawa. You can call PPC 24/7 and get the best pest control service to eliminate all the ants and pests within a day. 

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