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Everything You Need To Know About Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroaches

Key Takeaways

  • Oriental cockroaches, though primarily outdoor pests, can enter homes through floor drains, utility pipes, and door thresholds, especially in summer.
  • Identifying oriental cockroaches involves noting their shiny black to dark reddish-brown color and distinct physical differences between males and females.
  • Oriental cockroaches pose health risks by transmitting bacteria and viruses, potentially causing diarrhoea, food poisoning, and allergic reactions.
  • Infestations can be detected through sightings, odors, and the presence of egg capsules, indicating the need for immediate treatment.
  • Effective methods to eliminate oriental cockroaches include baiting, using sticky glue boards, and removing food, water, and hiding places, with professional services available for persistent infestations.


Oriental cockroaches are mostly outdoor pests, frequently discovered in sewers and under trash, leaves, stones, and firewood. These bugs can also reside in the spaces or gaps under porches. Although oriental cockroaches prefer the outdoors as their natural environment, they frequently enter homes in the summer. They will access buildings via floor drains, utility pipes, sliding glass doors, and door thresholds. In this article, you will learn how to eliminate oriental cockroaches from your home in Canada and other necessary information that can keep you and your family safe from their infestation.

How To Identify Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches’ color ranges from shiny black to dark reddish-brown. Even though they are both rather huge as adults, the male and female cockroaches look very different. The smaller males have shorter wings, measuring only 25mm in length. As a result, their bodies’ last few abdominal portions are visible. Female oriental roaches, in contrast, grow to a length of 32mm and lack wings. Instead, the first few body segments have protective wing pads. Males and females look different, yet neither can fly.

Are Oriental Cockroaches Harmful?

The strong desire for water-filled bodies makes oriental Cockroaches love going into sewers and other sources of bacteria-filled water, which makes them harmful in terms of germs and diseases transmission. They enjoy consuming expired food and trash as well.

Oriental cockroaches can cause diarrhoea, food poisoning, and other dangerous diseases by transferring bacteria and viruses from their legs to foods, plates, utensils, and countertops. These bugs may make you or your family ill by contaminating your food and kitchen surfaces.

Cockroach allergens have been linked to numerous allergic reactions. These allergens accumulate in roach feces, secretions, cast skins, and corpses.

Oriental Cockroach Habits

These creatures live close to toilets, sinks, open pipes, or plumbing areas because they are more likely to enter your home in search of water. They can go up to a month without food but only two weeks without water.

Female oriental cockroaches have a shorter lifespan than 180 days and can lay up to eight egg cases, each containing 16 eggs. The egg capsules are carried around by female Oriental cockroaches for 30 hours before they lay them in a secure location. The nymphs hatch sixty days later and mature six to twelve months afterward. Pale, tan-coloured nymphs can go through seven to ten molts before maturing in the fall. They are active from March through the summer. After maturing into adults, oriental cockroaches typically live six to twelve months and lay 200 eggs per lifetime.

Oriental Habitats

They will enter buildings through floor drains, utility pipes, sliding glass doors, and door thresholds. Oriental cockroaches enjoy damp, chilly environments; thus, once indoors, they can hide in basements and crawl spaces. These cockroaches typically crawl close to pipes, sinks, toilets, and service ducts.

Signs of Oriental Cockroach Infestation

Ever wonder what an oriental cockroach infestation looks like in a building? If you notice any of the following, then wherever you are is infested with oriental cockroaches and needs immediate oriental cockroach treatment:

  1. Sightings

Oriental cockroaches may be found outside in moist gutters, in flowerbeds, and coming in and out of sewers and storm drains at night, especially during the warmer months of the year. Oriental cockroaches gather in dark, wet, and quiet areas during the day.

  1. Odor

A homeowner with an oriental roach infestation may also notice the smells. To communicate with one another, Oriental cockroaches emit chemicals. The substances have a well-known musty smell.

  1. Egg capsules

In addition to seeing the cockroaches themselves, an infestation will produce egg casings that measure 8 to 10 mm. Egg casings from oriental cockroaches are often dark brown or reddish in hue. About 16 eggs can fit in each egg case.

Why Do You Have an Oriental Cockroach Problem?

The Oriental cockroach is widespread throughout the surface of the earth. Outdoors, you can find them among leaf litter, behind stones, and other detritus. They also climb up building chimneys to reach the second storey.

Oriental cockroaches

eat a wide variety of foods, but they favour starch. They can be inside your building when they managed to get in and discover a food supply.

How To Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches

Follow these simple steps on how to get rid of and control an oriental cockroach infestation:

  • Bait them with their basic wants

Every Oriental cockroach is driven by water and food, and for everyone you see, there are probably a dozen more out there that you quickly want to get rid of. You bait the cockroaches by lacing unwanted food and spills of water with pesticides every 5-6 feet from wherever they are found. Oriental Cockroaches find this bait, feed on it, and crawl away to share it with other cockroaches. Leave the bait stationed for a while until you see a reduction in the cockroaches.

  • Use sticky glue boards 

Sticky glue boards will attract oriental cockroaches. As soon as Oriental cockroaches try to walk on sticky glue board, cockroaches will stock on glue board, and will not be able to multiply in other places. It will eliminate Oriental cockroaches multiplying. 

You must eliminate the factors that attract roaches in the first place, as you do with other pests. That includes removing food, water, and places to hide. Here are some changes you may make to your environment to make it less appealing to roaches:

  • Reduce the regions of dampness surrounding your property, check that the gutters are draining water away from it effectively, and repair any faulty hoses or fixtures.
  • Use dehumidifiers in your home’s basements, crawl spaces, and other high-humidity regions.
  • Clear your lawn and property of trash, leaves, and other rotting materials.
  • Caulk gaps around windows and doors and seal cracks and holes in the foundation of your house.
  • Ensure that there are no crumbs, spills, or grease accumulations in the kitchen and food storage areas.

If, after you have tried DIY oriental cockroach treatment you know and have followed the tips on how to get rid of oriental cockroaches, you are yet to see any changes in oriental cockroach control in your home or building, then it requires professional services.

Speaking of professional oriental cockroach eliminators in Canada, Provincial Pest Control Toronto and Provincial Pest Control Ottawa offers the best services. Our expert cockroach exterminators identify the source of the infestation and eradicate it to prevent a recurrence.

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