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Dos and don’ts of yellow jacket nest removal

yellow jacket nest removal

Key Takeaways

  • Yellow jacket nests are usually underground, and removal requires professional expertise for safety.
  • Applying treatments at dusk and using protective gear can reduce the risk of stings during nest removal.
  • Sealing a yellow jacket nest is ineffective and can lead to aggressive behavior as they seek new exits.
  • It’s crucial to remove the food source by covering trash cans tightly and cleaning up sugary substances.
  • Provincial Pest Control (PPC) offers professional yellow jacket extermination services, including free inspections.


Yellow jacket nest removal is a wasp-like social insect measuring about one-half to 1 inch in length. This insect has black and yellow stripes in alternating patterns running across the body horizontally. It is easy to mistake the yellow jacket for a honeybee. Yellow jackets are smaller, slimmer, and have a smooth body texture.

Alhough yellow jackets have a significant role in the ecosystem, yellow jacket infestation poses a great threat to you because they sting more than once, and the sting is more painful than the honeybee sting. The yellow jacket sting leaves a sizeable red welt and pheromone mark on your skin if they sting you. This pheromone mark attracts more yellow jackets to you to attack in swarms.

Yellow Jacket infestations usually last through summer, after which the queen will change location to form a new nest. Even though the infestation is temporary, you need to get rid of them quickly.

In this article, you’ll get the step-by-step guide to yellow jacket bee removal and things to avoid while treating yellow jacket infestation, and how you get professional help by searching online for “yellow jacket removal service near me.”

Dos of Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

Yellow Jacket infestation in house is dangerous because these insects are aggressive and quick to attack in swarms. You’ll notice yellow jackets more during summer and early fall, and their nest is usually found underground along rodents’ holes and burrows. You will see them congregating around open trash and sugary substances. Once you notice a yellow jacket, leave the site immediately because they live in colonies and attack in a cluster. You can call on professional who wlll help you to do the following:

Locate the nest and assess the infestation

Unlike other insects, yellow jacket nest removal takes special expertise to succeed. Professional pest expert will locate their nest and food source. İnterestingly, it is not difficult to locate their nest because yellow jackets follow the same flight path. They will trace them carefully by following them at a distance to locate their nest.

To prevent attacks, experts wear protective gear while assessing the situation. The protective wear includes pants, a long-sleeve shirt, eyewear, and a mask. All thier body must be covered. Professional have great expertise so they listen and pay attention to the buzzing noises that can easily give out their nest.

Choose a treatment

With the help of professional, you can use sprays, traps, or baits to get rid of yellow jackets. Make a treatment choice and purchase the product. After consulting with the professionals, you can leave every thing else to them. At Provincial Pest Control PPC we will help you locate their entry and exit, introduce treatment and conduct monitoring and evaluation process to ensure permanent removal of yellow jacket nest in your enviroment.

Note that it is not all situations that require permanent yellow jacket bee removal. If the yellow jackets nest is not close to residential or commercial areas, you can leave it. As much as yellow jackets pose a great threat to you, they have a role to play in the ecosystem. They feed on other insects, and their presence can help reduce insects like mosquitoes in the environment. That’s why you need to call experts like Provincial Pest Control (PPC) before you make an attempt to remove the nest.

Don’ts of Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

Yellow Jackets are aggressive and they can even sting to death in some cases. So you should never do the following when you notice yelllow jacket in your house.

  1. Don’t apply treatment during the day: While trying to remove the yellow jacket nest, avoid tracing their nest or applying the treatment during the day because these insects are most active during the day. Applying treatment at dusk reduces your chance of being stung.
  2. Don’t seal their nest: Avoid sealing their nest because they will likely create another exit forcefully. The queen of the yellow jacket nest should be your main target. If the queen is still alive, getting rid of the whole congregation is difficult because the queen will keep reproducing.
  3. Never spray yellow jacket nest on your own: Avoid spraying them with gasoline, regular insecticides, bleach, ammonia, or boiling water if you don’t want to witness the aggressiveness of yellow jackets. Using a spray can provoke their anger and initiate an attack. More so, spraying indiscrimately isn’t alawys effective for yellow jacakets.
  4. Don’t keep an open trashing system: The best you can do is to remove their food source. So avoid keeping an open trash system because these insects like sugary substances. Cover the trash can thightly with a lid and clean your patio immediately after a party.
  5. Never approach a yellow jacket nest: If for any reason, you want to go near a yellow jacet nest, never go there without wearing protective clothing.
  6. Don’t use traps: avoid using yellow jacket traps because it will attact more insects to your space. The best way to get rid of yellow jacket is to elimate the queen, so nest removal is better than using traps. Also read How to get rid of carpenter bee permanently?

Yellow Jacket Exterminator Near Me (Canada)

The effectiveness of the spray and other DIY methods depends on the size of the yellow jacket nest. If the nest is too big, the best option is to call a yellow jacket exterminator like Provincial Pest Control (PPC).

We have professionals who understand the behavioral nature of yellow jacket and their aggressiveness. Our experts are learned in yellow jacket ground nest removal no matter the location. You might not find it easy to locate a yellow jacket nest in bushes or trees around your house. Don’t worry; Provincial Pest Control (PPC) has professionals that will attend to you swiftly.

Provincial Pest Control (PPC) should come to mind first whenever you think of “yellow jacket control near me.” You can request a free inspection for residential, commercial, and multi-residential areas in Ottawa, Vaughan, Toronto, and Ontario. We offer pest control for up to 30 insects. You don’t have to put your home at risk; we are just a call away. Make your free inspection request at here.


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