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Do you have a spider problem?


Key Takeaways

  • Spiders often move indoors from outdoor habitats seeking shelter and food, becoming a nuisance.
  • Outdoor spider control is crucial to prevent indoor infestations, as spiders multiply outdoors before entering buildings.
  • Natural methods like planting spider-repelling vegetation and using essential oils can deter spiders outside.
  • Keeping outdoor areas clean, removing vegetation near buildings, and turning off outdoor lighting discourage spider habitation.
  • For severe outdoor spider infestations, professional pest control services like Provincial Pest Control (PPC) offer effective solutions across Canada.


Do you have a spider problem?

Most (if not all) spider infestations in the house come from outdoors. With so much space outside, spiders can establish an infestation and multiply their population for as long as the outdoor conditions remain favorable. However, these eight-legged creatures often get indoors when the situation outdoors is no longer conducive to their survival. They come inside your home from their natural habitat (outdoors) primarily to seek appropriate shelter and food to survive. Once indoor, they tend to become a nuisance for you and your pets with their web-spinning habits.

Outdoor spider control is a great way to stop the ingress of spiders into your home and prevent an infestation from taking place indoors. If you don’t control the spider population and infestation outside your space, no indoor spider control plans would be enough to stop spiders from making their way inside shortly. Thus, the only solution to prevent the return of this eight-legged creature (after successful indoor control) is by removing them and their infestations from your yard or garden.

In this article, you’ll learn a few things you need to try to get rid of spiders from your outside space for good. You’ll also learn about the most effective way to handle either indoor or outdoor spider problems for quick and effective results.

How To Remove Spiders and Their Infestations From Your Yard or Garden

If you need to make your outside space spider-free, here are a few things you should do:

  • Use natural control methods

Some natural biological methods have been proven effective in controlling spiders outside. Here, the common option includes planting vegetation that produces scents strong enough to repel spiders. For example, eucalyptus and tea trees repel spiders, and planting them in your garden or around the perimeter of your house would help keep spiders at bay.

Diatomaceous earth is another great natural option for controlling spiders outside. Diatomaceous earth is a powder made from ancient fossilized algae, and it’s known for its natural ‘insecticidal’ property. Spread this powder around your garden, yard, flower beds, rock piles, or anywhere you notice a sign of spider infestation to exterminate spiders.

  • Use essential oils

Essential oils could be an effective spider-repellent spray to get rid of spiders outdoors. The common essential oil options for outdoor spider control include peppermint oil, citrus (especially orange, lemon, and lime), wintergreen oils, and eucalyptus oil. Please choose any of these essential oils (they are all great options) and spray around the border of your property or in your garden to repel spiders.

  • Do not leave your outdoor lighting on

Spiders often dwell in areas where they can readily access their food sources. These eight-legged creatures are insectivorous and love to feed on ants or moths. The presence of these pest species is more likely to attract more spiders into your outside space.

Outdoor lighting can draw moths and other insects to your space, attracting spiders. When you turn off your outdoor lighting, you’re making your outside space less inviting to pests like moths that spiders often follow to prey on. This is a simple but good way to keep spiders away from your outdoors.

  • Keep your outdoor clean

Do not keep thick vegetation near your outside space as they provide shelter and ideal habitats for spiders to hunt and build their web as they want. When your garden or yard is too close to your house, and you don’t attempt to make them look clean, you’re already providing these eight-legged creatures an ideal space for their infestations.

Getting rid of bushes, clutters, and vegetation around your garden perimeter that can create a dark, cool hiding spot for spiders would help prevent an outdoor spider infestation from occurring. It would help to clear or trim the trees, shrubs, and other plants in your garden or transplant them to areas several feet further away from your garden or yard. A clean outdoor helps remove hiding spots for spiders in your space. Pharaoh ants control in Toronto and Ottawa

  • Use spider insecticides

Best insecticides for spiders outdoors can kill spiders on contact when used correctly. These insecticide sprays are specially formulated to kill spiders around your garden, the perimeter of your house, and any other outdoor areas with spider problems. They’re available for purchase over-the-counter in local stores that sell pest control products.

Spraying for spiders can be effective for outdoor spider extermination and treatment when you can lay your hands on the right products. However, you should handle sprays meticulously and follow the label instructions for best results and personal safety.

  • Remove spider webs

Spiders prefer to stay in places away from human interference. They would leave their present habitat for somewhere else when disturbed. Thus, removing or breaking up their webs can make these creatures go elsewhere to live.

If you see spider webs around your outdoor property or in your garden, you should consider removing them using a broom or a hand glove. This might not kill or hurt spiders, but it’ll force them out of your outside space.

The Best Way To Handle Severe Outdoor Spider Problems

If you have a full-blown spider infestation in your outside space, do not attempt to handle it independently. Most DIY spider removal tips on DIY websites are only helpful in resolving small spider problems. You will need more aggressive options than DIY remedies to end severe spider infestation outdoors.

Suppose you have a spider problem (whether severe or not), you should consider hiring a pest control company like Provincial Pest Control (PPC) for immediate help. At PPC, we provide complete spider removal, outdoor spider control, and de-webbing service to homes and offices.

Spider exterminator near me or spider spraying near me (Canada)

If you need a spider pest control near me (Canada) for the reliable spider removal, you should call Provincial Pest Control (PPC).

Provincial Pest Control (PPC) is a pest control company in Canada that helps residential and commercial buildings keep their interior and exterior entirely web-free. We can help recommend the best insecticide for spiders outdoors to use and spraying for spiders that works for a specific spider species plaguing your outdoors.

Our spider exterminators will help remove spider infestation in house and make both your inside and outside space free from spiders and their infestation. We serve homes and offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Vaughan, Richmond, and other major cities across Canada.

If you notice spider webs or spiders on your outdoor property, immediately call Provincial Pest Control (PPC) for reliable outdoor spider control as well as indoor spider removal services. We offer a free spider inspection, non-toxic pesticide spray treatment, and ongoing de-webbing service to homeowners and businesses across Canada. Order for your free pest inspection (in which we inspect your home or workplace for over 30 pests) and recommendations in Canada here.




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