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Digging Mammals – An Issue To Your Lawn

Digging Mammals

Key Takeaways

  • Digging mammals like moles, groundhogs, pocket gophers, rabbits, and ground squirrels can wreak havoc on your residential property, causing damage ranging from destroyed lawns to compromised foundations.
  • Moles are subterranean creatures that create surface tunnels and volcano-shaped mounds, damaging grass roots and leaving empty spots on lawns.
  • Groundhogs are attracted to backyard gardens and leave behind holes and piles of dirt as signs of their presence, leading to damage to home foundations and gardens.
  • Pocket gophers, similar in size to moles, have sharp claws and teeth for digging and remove dirt to the surface, damaging yards and gardens where they feed on plants and shrubs.
  • Rabbits pose a threat to flowers and plants in gardens, and they can carry diseases like rabbit fever, while ground squirrels may chew on sprinkler heads and irrigation lines, causing structural damage to homes.


During hot summers, various animals can look for food around your residential property. Going through your garbage and digging up your healthy and attractive lawn are some signs that show that infestations underneath your lawn are present.They can be difficult to notice until great damages have already been done. The damages can range from destruction of your house foundation, destroying of your underground water sprinkler system to leaving your lawn visually unappealing.

Digging Mammals – An Issue To Your Lawn

Throughout our number of experiences with digging mammal infestations, the Provincial Pest Control Team can let you know that these following animals might be the culprit of your damaged lawn.


Moles are brown and gray creatures that measure about 6 inches in length, they also have paddle-like forefeet and very tiny eyes.

You might never see them as they spend most of their time underground as they feed themselves with insects, spiders, worms and grubs. One way you can identify a mole infestation is surface tunnels and volcano-shaped mounds appearing on your lawn that can damage the roots of your grass, which will leave your grass with empty spots, ruining your lawn. Also, these pests may damage your yard and flower bed.


They usually stay in prairies and forests, however, they can be found in backyards of neighborhoods in the GTA or Ontario because there is a lot of food that can help them sustain, like vegetable and fruit gardens with lettuce, apple, berries and carrots. A telltale sign that might show that a groundhog is living on your property are holes and piles of dirt scattered on your lawn.

In the long run, these pests might damage your home foundation, on top of destroying your garden that you put meticulous effort in.

Pocket Gophers

They are around the same size as moles and can be as long as 10 inches and have “puffy” cheeks to carry around food and materials that they will need to build their nests. They also have sharp claws and teeth used for digging: That can be very dangerous to you or your loved ones in case they attack!

You will be able to know if a pocket gopher lives in your yard by the way they remove all the dirt to the surface.

Like their fellow digging mammals, they can damage your yard or garden where they eat food like plants and scrubs.


With rabbits, your flowers in your garden or lawn are not safe! These animals love to munch on flowers and plants.

Other than destroying your garden, they can carry life-threatening diseases such as rabbit fever which is a bacterial disease that can both harm humans and other animals.

Ground Squirrels

This type of squirrels may look cute with their “fluffy tails” and in search of food, they might damage your garden and fruit trees but also, they may chew on the plastic part of your sprinkler heads and irrigation lines located under your lawn.

They don’t really invade the inside of your house, they might hide under the patio and foundation which can damage your house on a structural level.

At Provincial Pest Control, we truly understand how frustrating It can be to have digging mammals get their way to your property and give you long-term damage. However, do not handle the infestation on your own, as they can attack you and hurt you as a defense mechanism.

Your safety is our top priority!

If you have any signs of digging mammal infestations or have any other issues in Toronto or the GTA, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 647-997-5080 or Get in touch with us to get a free inspection and keep your mind relaxed!

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