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Cockroach Basics: What You Need to Know

The Appearance of Cockroaches

Sometimes cockroaches can be as long as two inches. Species found in tropical regions are almost always bigger than those found in cooler areas of the country. Look closely and you’ll see that cockroaches have six legs and two antennas. Some species of cockroaches also have wings, but very few are actually capable of flying any distance.


Why Are Cockroaches In or Around My Home?

Although dirty or poorly kept homes are often to blame for cockroach problems, there are many other reasons why cockroaches decide to come into your home. If you’re trying to keep cockroaches out, it is helpful to keep your spaces clean, such as cleaning your floors and being proactive at picking up crumbs and other potential sources of food. However, even the cleanest homes can have cockroaches as they are often brought in via boxes or outdoor items or crawl in under gaps in doors or through windows.


Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches are an incredibly common pest problem. While single cockroaches aren’t incredibly dangerous, an infestation is definitely cause for concern. Cockroaches can be a difficult pest to keep under control because they are experts at hiding and they multiply quickly. Furthermore, many cockroaches have developed resistance to commonly used pesticides, making it nearly impossible to get them in check.


Health wise, cockroaches around your food can be dangerous because they can leave traces of E. coli and salmonella bacteria. Some research also indicates that the feces and body parts left behind by the bugs can create issues for both allergies and asthma. When you see cockroaches in your home, it’s not wise to ignore the issue.


What’s the Best Way to Stop a Cockroach Problem in My Home?

While it’s easy to think you can handle the problem yourself, remember that cockroaches breed quickly and, therefore, develop resistance to pesticides quickly as well. Calling a trained professional to help you assess your situation is the best way to ensure you keep your cockroach problem under control and prevent it from becoming a much more serious issue. Even if you spray yourself once or twice, it’s not enough to keep pesky roaches out. Professional help for cockroach problems gives you the ongoing support system you need to keep your home pest free.


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Will It Take a Long Time to Take Care of My Cockroach Problem?

Every home and cockroach problem is unique, which means we can’t tell you exactly how long it will take us to get rid of your roaches. The type of cockroach and the size of infestation all impact the type and amount of treatment needed. If you’ve tried using store-bought roach sprays, you know how determined and resistant the bugs are. We will do everything we can to get your cockroach problem under control as quickly as possible.


Interesting Facts About Cockroaches


  • Not all cockroaches are pests. There are some species of cockroaches that are helpful for the environment, acting as little “recycling men” by getting rid of organic material that is decaying in nature.


  • Cockroaches really do smell and they can even create sounds that are audible to other animals and sometimes humans. These noises can sound like clicks or chirps.


  • The most “vocal” type of cockroaches are the Madagascar Hissing.


  • In addition to homes, restaurants often suffer from serious cockroach problems and infestations.


  • Because many cockroaches make their home near food or waste, they can easily spread several types of diseases.


What Are The Best Ways to Make Sure I Never Have a Cockroach Problem?


  • Keep Them From Coming In. Cockroaches are experts at getting into your home, but there are things you can do to try to keep them from coming in. Doing your best to keep doors shut, your home clean, and to check all items you bring in will help.


  • Keep Your Home Clean. Cockroaches want warm homes with cozy spaces to nest. If there’s food available, too, your home is an ideal place for cockroaches. While you want your home warm, you can keep spaces clean and remove as much clutter as possible.


  • Don’t Underestimate One Cockroach. Many homeowners ignore a few cockroaches, only wishing later that they had done something when they discover an infestation. Cockroaches multiply fast so chances are that if you see one, there are already several in your home. Don’t wait before calling a professional for help.


  • Don’t Just Look At Night. Cockroaches are nocturnal, which means you are most likely to see them active at night. But, cockroaches do come out during the day, especially if there is a serious infestation. If you notice cockroaches around your home during the day, you should call a professional for an assessment.
  • Don’t Try to Take Care of an Infestation Yourself. Most store-bought pesticides aren’t effective, especially when it comes to tough cockroaches. Many homeowners allow problems with roaches to get much worse because they are determined to handle it themselves.








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