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Bed Bugs Control

What are bedbugs?

Just in case you’ve never heard about what a bedbug is, they are some small reddish-brown creatures, flat and oval shaped. They have a small size like an apple seed and feed on blood. They are usually active at night when you are asleep. The name of the “bed bug” is derived from the preferred habitat. Warm houses and especially nearby or inside of beds and bedding or other sleep areas, and they are also mostly associated with commercial properties that have low hygiene standards & poor housekeeping. If you find bed bugs in your commercial property, try to get rid of them fast!

Damage and Health Issues

Some of the consequences of having bed bugs could be:
1. Infection from scratches: Bed bug bites can be very itchy, leading to the strong urge to scratch it until the itch goes away. And because bed bugs often bite in the middle of the night when we’re asleep, we unconsciously scratch them, leading to flesh wounds in the morning.

Germs and bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection if left untreated.

2. Allergic reaction to bites: even thought is not a usual thing to see, an allergic reaction to bed bug bites is one of the more serious health risks of having a bed bug infestation.

When someone is allergic to their bite. They can experience a severe allergic reaction. Which may lead to life-threatening situations. They could even suffer from anaphylactic shock that requires immediate medical attention.

3. Sleep deprivation: If a bed bug infestation within the house becomes too problematic, it can lead to sleep deprivation. The numerous bites, never-ending itch and thought of crawling bugs around is bound to keep us up all night, leaving them exhausted physically and mentally the following day.

Needless to say, sleep deprivation can lead to accidents, impaired thinking, heart diseases, and loss of appetite. In severe cases, this can cause poor work performance and irritability.

4. Stress: Overall, living in a bed bug infested household can be very stressful and frustrating. Due the quick spread of bed bugs around the home, recurring damage to bedsheets and curtains, and constant biting on the body. Living in a stressful environment for long periods of time can lead to a lot of emotional anxiety, which may then lead to health problems.

Emotional anxiety caused by stress can lead to unhealthy behavior and habits like drinking and smoking, may impact on our immune system and its ability to fight off antigens, making us more prone to all kinds of infections. Stress can also increase heart rate and blood pressure, as well as affect our digestive system. All this combined can increase the risk of catching harmful diseases.

When compared to mosquitos that bring deadly and life-threatening diseases like Zika and dengue, or rodents that can spread leptospirosis which can result in liver and kidney damage. Bed bugs are the least harmful and only do minor damage. But the little damages they cause accumulate over time, and eventually pose a health risk.
that’s why if you start to see clear and obvious signs of a bed bug infestation, you might be facing quite a serious bed bug infestation.

The Best way to get rid of them

If you try to do it yourself and search some ways online, you’ll find thousands and thousands of methods but the thing is that it is a fact that those “solutions” may not be really effective, sometimes it may be even dangerous for you and your family. They may be a momentary solution, but they will be back. The best way to get rid of them is with professional help and in PPC we have your back.

How do I prevent bed bugs?

-To stop bed bugs from entering your home, do not bring infested items into your home. Thoroughly inspect your clothing, backpacks and luggage.
-When traveling, check the place you are staying in for signs of bed bugs. Store your luggage off the floor and away from the bed, such as on a luggage stand.
-Clean your home regularly. This includes vacuuming your mattress and cleaning up clutter to reduce the number of places bed bugs can hide.
-If you buy furniture and bedding from second-hand stores or garage sales, check them for bed bugs. Do not rely on the word of the store owner or seller, who may not be up to date on bed bugs.
-Avoid picking up furniture left on the roadside.
-Install or repair screens to stop birds, bats or rodents from entering your home and becoming hosts for bed bugs.
If you think you may have a bedbug infection or if you have, don’t hesitate in get in touch with us, because in PPC we care about you.

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