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Bed Bug Extermination In Toronto And Ottawa Areas

Bed Bug Extermination In Toronto And Ottawa

Key Takeaways

  • Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that hide in cracks and crevices, particularly around beds, and feed on human blood at night.
  • They can be brought into homes from various sources, including hotels, public places, and secondhand furniture, and can quickly multiply, making detection crucial.
  • Detection methods include inspecting for bites, blood stains, fecal matter, shed skins, and live bugs, with professional pest control assistance recommended for effective treatment.
  • Effective bed bug treatment involves various methods such as chemical treatments and heat treatments, with Provincial Pest Control offering comprehensive solutions in Toronto and Ottawa.
  • Provincial Pest Control stands out for its reliable, affordable, and guaranteed pest control services, including free inspections and a range of treatment options to ensure a pest-free environment.


What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, reddish-brown insects. They resemble apple seeds in shape, being tiny and dark brown with an elongated shape. They don’t have wings, they can’t fly but can hide in any crack or crevice in the structure.

Trim, bed frames, electrical outlets, carpeting, and the edge of a mattress, box springs, are all places where they can hide. They’re night-crawlers who feed on human blood; that’s why they like to live around beds.

How Can You Bring Bed Bugs Home?

Even though their heads are the size of a pinhead, these creatures are intelligent and tricky. Most people are aware that you may carry them home from hotels by dressing them in your clothes. You can, however, bring them from anywhere.

If you brush up against someone who has bed bugs on the public place, you can pick up a bed bug passenger.

All it takes is one egg or one nymph to come home with you to begin an infestation. However, in its lifetime, a single bed bug can lay around 250 eggs. So you can bring a one-bed bug home and end up with 250, then exponentially more.

How To Detect Bed Bugs?

The detecting of bed bugs is the initial step in bed bug control. However, because their bites might be subtle, you won’t know whether you have a bed bug infestation unless you see one.

The bites are small and red, and they resemble mosquito bites in appearance. The bites of a baby bed bug (nymph) could be considered tiny. They do, however, have a distinct bite pattern with three bites close together. It’s time to perform a thorough inspection of your bed-frame, mattress, box spring or call for Free Pest Inspection to Provincial Pest Control if you find any unusual bites on your body, especially in groups of three.

Check your sheets first.

The evidence of the presence of bed bugs would be found by the small blood stains and brown smears, a mixture of bed bug feces, and the remains of bed bugs you smashed while sleeping.

Then go around your mattress, furnishings, and nearby walls, as well as your drapes.

Bed bugs shed their skins as they progress through life stages; thus, you’ll also come across hollow bed bug shells. You might locate a bug or two — or even the entire colony – if you look hard enough. Eggs, shells, adults, and stains make up the colony, frequently found in a crack or crevice.

You have a bed bug infestation if you notice even a single bed bug. There is never a situation where only one bug is causing havoc.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Problems

What to do and not to do if you find bed bugs?

If you see a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control professional right away. Because bed bugs may rapidly breed and grow, the sooner you treat a bed bug infestation, the better. In addition, pest control companies have the advantage of using commercial pesticides and other treatment techniques that you may not have access and trained too. For example, commercial pesticides kill bugs on touch and kill bedbugs over time by remaining inside furniture and gaps due to long term residual effect.

Pest control company can also apply heat treatment in your property; they bring in special equipment that raises the room’s temperature between 135 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, which is high enough to eliminate bed bugs infestation. The pest control experts should provide you with information on how to prepare your home before heat treatment. You’ll have the best opportunity of eliminating the bed bugs infestation if you properly follow their instructions.

Usually heat treatment is “two step treatment” 2 or 3 weeks apart. First treatment includes combination of heat and light residual treatment of cracks and crevices. Second treatment includes light residual treatment only. You have to leave your property between 6-12 hours before pest control company starts the treatment.

Do not do it if you have bed bugs issue in your property:

  • Do not silicone or tape cracks and crevices around baseboards.
  • Do not block/tape electrical outlets.
  • Do not use non-commercial aerosol spray or dust if you purchased it from any public store.
  • All these remedies sold in public stores will handle the issue at the beginning (looks like) and might flip the light infestation to disaster in long term.
  • Do not push pests into wall structure, electrical outlets, behind picture frames, into speakers, PC, other devices and not easy accessible spots.

Tips For Prevention Of Bed Bugs Infestation

While you may not completely eliminate bed bugs, you can lower your chances of becoming infected. Avoid buying secondhand furniture and keeping your home tidy. It will be easier to discover bed bugs if your home is clean, and it will also help keep potential hiding locations clear. A bug could get through despite your best efforts, and you could end up with a bed bug infestation. Although bed bugs are filthy and stressful, they are not hopeless to eradicate. You can reclaim your property and get rid of any unwelcome visitors with a few visits from a Provincial Pest Control in Toronto and Ottawa. How To Remove And Prevent Mouse Infestation?

Pest control is an essential practice that ensures the safety and comfort of our homes and businesses in Toronto. The most frequent insects that infest dwellings are rodents (mice & rats), bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants.

You should seek professional help if any of these pests have infested your house or business. Our distinct service delivery standards have set us apart from the competition.

Our contribution to providing pleasant, stinging insect-free accommodation earned us a 5/5 rating from our customers. Furthermore, we offer dependable pest control services that you may rely on.

Provincial pest control has experienced and highly trained professionals who have the skills to eradicate any type of pest in your compound. Provincial pest control is fully insured, licensed and legally operates in Toronto and Ottawa areas.

Bed bugs and bed bug bites can be confused with cockroach nymphs, dust mites, carpet beetles, Minute pirate bugs, fleas, ticks, and even mosquito bites, so determining whether you have bed bugs in your home or office can be challenging.

Provincial Pest Control experienced exterminators in Toronto and Ottawa areas provides a professional bed bug inspection that determines whether or not you have bed bugs with 100 percent accuracy.

We also can offer K9 bed bug inspection service

Our bed bug detection canines have extensive training and experience detecting bed bugs in residential and business environments.

With a 94% accuracy rate, our K9 is the fastest way to discover bed bugs.

According to multiple studies in different universities, K9s are far better and faster at spotting bed bugs than human bed bug inspectors.

What Are The Types Of Bed Bug Treatments?

There are two types of treatments that can be done. These tips should help you find good reliable bed bug exterminators.

Chemical Treatment

The traditional way of applying human-grade commercial, licensed insecticides to treat bedbugs infestation by Provincial Pest Control ensures that bedbugs are entirely eradicated. In addition, we offer a three month warranty or longer and perform free follow-up visits to ensure that bedbugs are entirely eliminated.

Heat Treatment

Provincial Pest Control is one of the few companies in Toronto and Ottawa ,Canada, that can provide this cutting-edge bedbug removal service. Heat treatment is chemical-free treatment that uses heat to eliminate the entire bedbug infestation.

Step 1: Heat treatment for bed bugs

Heat destroys bed bug eggs, so it is an essential aspect of bed bug treatment. Unfortunately, powders or sprays do not kill bed bug eggs. Only commercial “soap spray” can destroy eggs.

Step 2: Powder application

A unique power duster equipment injects powder into the walls through electrical outlets and other cracks and holes in our bed bug powder treatment. This will eliminate bed bugs infestation, even those hiding within the walls, and create a barrier between the rooms.

Step 3: Spray treatment for bed bugs

Our bed bug residual spray kills bed bugs on contact in short and long term, also protects your home and furniture for up to 6 months.

Why Choose Us?

Provincial Pest Control is Toronto’s and Ottawa’s most qualified pest control company and provides affordable bed bug extermination services. We will inspect your home, office, warehouses to ensure that you live a pest-free life.

We offer residential and commercial pest control services throughout Toronto and Ottawa if you have a bed bug problem. We always offer budget-friendly prices and professional treatment.

Contact us for help by calling (647) 224-7378  or contacting us to obtain a free inspection and be stress-free.


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