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Control Your Pest Problem, Start with a Free Pest Inspection

Best result in pest control activities does not only come with an investigation of different pest categories but also in providing you with the education on how to keep those away from your living/working environment.

Often it happens that abundance of food fallen on the floor in the kitchen or lack of cleanliness around compost area contributes to environments that are nourishing for the growth of many different kinds of residential pests. It comes with daily discipline and routine checks that you can maintain a pest-free surrounding.


Sometimes, the pest issue has been there for a while and have remained untreated, resulted in overwhelming amounts of pest activities in your residential or commercial place. Rest assured no matter how much or how little those pest problems are, we have proven history of treating different properties in the Greater Toronto Area as well as other cities of Ontario.

Our extended pest control experience has made us continuously one of the most efficient companies and to assure you will get your best solution on-time, we work across the clock and offer a free pest inspection for the city of Toronto and surrounding areas.


We have dealt with really complicated matters and those made us just great at what we are now. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promise you will be happy you took action with Provincial Pest Control for your pest problems.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will work with you until you are. If pests return between treatments, our team of technicians will return at no extra charge should you get back to us within 5 days. We are here to truly solve your pest problems.


We provide a completely FREE Pest Inspection and will provide you with a list of solutions available to control related pest activities. Our solutions are affordable and safe. We are committed to providing you with a cleaner and much satisfaction after our work is done. Feel free to contact us today at 647-997-5080.



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