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About Us

Provincial Pest Control (PPC) is one of the leading pest removal services in Canada. Our main priority is to ensure customer satisfaction with competent services and quality. PPC hires qualified and experienced individuals who are always ready to serve customers and help them with pest infestation.


About Us

Provincial Pest Control (PPC) is one of the leading pest removal services in Canada. Our main priority is to ensure customer satisfaction with competent services and quality. PPC hires qualified and experienced individuals who are always ready to serve customers and help them with pest infestation.


Eco Friendly

People & Pet Safe

We Remove Cockroaches After Treatment

We Provide Custom Preparation Instruction Prior Treatment

We offer Bed bug treatment preparation

We offer Cockroach treatment preparation


The chemicals used during the infestation removal may cause environmental concerns. Therefore, it is important to adopt eco-friendly practices to control the infestation first.

As a socially responsible company, we believe in using safe pest removal methods. Not only are these methods better for the environment, but they also have a negligible impact on residents. For instance, we use heat treatment for beg bugs. It is a chemical-free pest control method which involves raising the temperature of an infected room to get rid of bed bugs.

PPC offers a safe option to customers throughout Ontario and Toronto. Our pest control methods are based on IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We use chemicals with labels, ensuring the quickest, safe and most residual effect.

Moreover, we offer plenty of features which include:

• Non-pollutant, safe chemicals to remove the pests
• Advanced technology that ensures everyone’s safety on the premises
• A safe solution for commercial and residential properties alike
• Causing minimal to no disruption in day-to-day activities
We have a proactive approach to getting rid of the pests on your premises. Our company, PPC, ensures to target the pests at their source. The solutions include minimum use of pesticides at the last stage. This approach increases the effectiveness of pesticidesand reduces the risks. It also takes other factors such as your property, environment, and health hazards into account.

We have the right materials to get rid of pests, and our experts offer guaranteed results and ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Eco-friendly Pest Control Service?

Here are a few reasons to switch to eco-friendly pests control instead of going with the traditional methods:

• There are plenty of health risks associated with the use of traditional chemicals, especially if not used in small quantities, not follow label. Canada has the safest chemicals; at PPC, we follow IPMs and use the chemicals with labels.
• One of the best benefits of this method is that it doesn’t damage the landscape and property.
• Following labels while using chemical treatment is a safe method to get rid of pests without getting your pets and kids in danger.
• Usually, safe chemicals and products do not have a strong smell like old methods.
• The residents and the business owners can go about their routines with the help of eco-friendly solutions.
At PPC, you will never have to worry about the harmful effects of infestation removal. Our company offers one of the best and safest solutions to our customers in Toronto, Ottawa Ontario. Reach out to our team of professionals right now and discuss your case in detail. We will make sure to take adequate steps to help you out.

With our years of experience and expertise, you can never go wrong with Provincial Pest Control (PPC).


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About us Provincial Pest Control
About us Provincial Pest Control

Money Back Guarantee Disclaimer

With Provincial Pest Control (PPC), you get a money back guarantee on our pest treatment services. Our company strives to provide effective services that ensure client satisfaction. We have introduced a money back guarantee on all our services in case the pest issue is not solved. Since our priority is customer satisfaction and building trust, we make sure that the client does not have to pay for unsatisfactory services. We also provide free corrective services to meet your expectations. Our team of professionals will visit your premises again to combat the problem if it still persists during warranty time but after a certain time. Our next course of action would be to adopt different strategies to overcome and get rid of the infestation that is still lurking on your premises. However, if the issue still persists after numerous trips and removal methods, you will have the option to withdraw from our services with a full refund. At the end of the day, we make sure that the customer incurs no financial loss if they don’t get rid of the issue. Infestation removal with PPC ensures that you have nothing to lose when you hire our services. Important Note: To be eligible for money back guarantee, the client has to follow certain guidelines after pest removal. This includes avoiding infested areas and not bringing in new pests, using non-commercial products over the Provincial Pest Control (PPC) treatment, and following written instructions / recommendations included but not limited.

Guarantee after treatment Disclaimer

Provincial Pest Control (PPC) offers an amazing service that maximizes the chances of your house getting rid of infestations. Our professionals are well-versed in providing optimum service to our customers. This is why we offer an after treatment guarantee to all our customers. Customers can leverage the guarantee feature to make sure they receive a compact service. Usually, it takes up to 3-4 weeks or less to see whether the infestation was successful or not depending on the nature of the pest, level of infestation, following instructions. In case you start to see the pests again after a certain time during warranty time, we will arrive for inspection and get rid of the pests. You can get this guarantee at any time; we will make sure that you get a 100% solution to your pest problem. With a guarantee on our services, you can have peace of mind that you will get rid of the pests from your premises. Be it residential or commercial premises, Provincial Pest Control (PPC) will ensure that you get rid of the infestation once and for all. Our company’s core aim is to provide services according to the customer requirements. It helps us ensure customer satisfaction and get rid of the pest infestation effectively. Our after treatment guarantees can be availed throughout South Of Ontario. If you are facing an infestation problem in any region, feel free to reach out to us and benefit from our guaranteed services.

About us Provincial Pest Control

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Free Pest Inspection Disclaimer

1. Inspection as Part of Treatment When homeowners choose our company to get rid of pests, we only charge them for the service and offer inspection for free.

2. Inspection Separately from Treatment If the house has a heavy cockroach or bed bug infestation or shows clear symptoms of infestation, we offer a free inspection.

Our experts also guide the residents through the process and give treatment recommendations on spot. Even if you have a slight suspicion that there might be harmful pests roaming on your property, contact us immediately. It is better to opt for a pest inspection to ensure that the problem does not escalate.

Book your free inspection from here.

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