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7 Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Pest Control Company in Canada

Pest Control Company in Canada

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right pest control company in Canada involves considering factors like positive reviews, appropriate licensing, and treatment methods.
  • Provincial Pest Control emphasizes customer feedback, holds relevant licenses, and offers tailored treatment plans for various pests.
  • Experience matters, so opting for a company with a proven track record in your local area increases the likelihood of effective pest control.
  • Preventive measures are crucial, and a reputable company should offer solutions to prevent future infestations, not just immediate extermination.
  • Transparency regarding costs, estimates, and guarantees is essential when selecting a pest control company, with Provincial Pest Control offering competitive pricing and service guarantees.


When you suffer from a pest infestation in Canada, there are many decisions you have to make. Firstly, there is the decision on whether to call a pest control company in Canada or not; secondly, there is the decision on how to choose the pest control company to call.

Choosing the appropriate pest control company in Canada might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the wrong company indeed leaves you frustrated and disappointed, but we have compiled a list of questions you need to answer to pick the best pest control companies in Canada.

Let’s get into them.

Can the company provide positive reviews and testimonials?

Reviews are vital in choosing a pest control company because it helps to determine reliability and efficiency. A good company should have reviews from customers or ratings on its website. If you can’t find any, it indicates one of two things:

  • The company has had negative reviews and is not willing to share them
  • The company is not well-established and probably has no clients yet.

Whichever way, you want to be skeptical about a company that can’t provide reviews or ratings.

At Provincial Pest Controls, our website contains reviews and ratings from multiple customers who found our services excellent. We make it a culture to receive feedback from our customers.

Does the company have the appropriate licenses?

While it is not a crime to get a freelance pest control company that is not licensed by relevant bodies and authorities, it is wiser to go for a company that has the appropriate licenses. Every top company should have relevant information on licensing readily available for you. If you find a company that cannot provide you with this information, move on to a company that can.

Provincial Pest Control possesses all the appropriate licenses and is a proud member of multiple pest control agencies in Canada.

What pest control treatments does the company use?

This is an essential question when choosing a company. What methods do they typically use to deal with pests? How safe are these methods? Do they have specific treatments for specific pests and levels of infestations?

Don’t go for a company with a one-size-fits-all approach to pest treatment or little regard for safety. Ensure that the company you pick can authoritatively discuss the safety and efficiency levels of whatever treatment plans it attempts to use.

At Provincial Pest Control (PPC), we offer this information to you for free. We have a free inspection system that allows us to investigate over 30 pests in your home. After investigation, we detail a unique extermination plan for your home or office that seriously considers safety and efficiency.

How long has the company been operating?

Here, you want to go for a company that has served your local area for a reasonable time. Such a company will be well experienced in not just pest control but your area’s unique pest problems. As a result of experience, the company will be equipped to deal with unique issues that affect the efficiency of pest control, such as temperature, climate, landscape, water sources, etc.

Furthermore, a company that has been around for a while has more at stake than one that just started and can close shop the next month.

PPC has served multiple cities in Canada with a proven track record for several years. It has built a reputation as a trusted name in pest control for commercial and residential properties.

Do they help to prevent future infestations?

This can be the extra detail that helps you select a good pest control company from a great one. The treatment plan of a company should go beyond just ridding your home of pests. It should also contain prevention measures to ensure that these pests never return. Some of the best companies may also come back regularly to treat the house to ensure that the pests never return.

We are wholly committed to permanently ridding your home of pests at PPC. Therefore, our services allow us to detail preventive measures that deal with pests. Furthermore, our team will be willing to visit your home from time to time to treat it.

What does it cost to hire the company? Do they detail estimates?

A great pest control company should be able to give you a quote of what a treatment plan will cost you. This is necessary because it helps you compare with other prices and treatment plans.  You should walk away from a company that refuses to give you an estimate before starting the contract.

After getting the estimates, ensure that you don’t pick a company simply because they are cheaper. Compare the treatment plan against the cost and the company’s reviews, experience, and expertise.

At PPC, we offer you an initial estimate after our first inspection, and our prices are competitive and fair.

Do they offer a guarantee?

Avoid companies that fail to offer any guarantee for their services. It probably means that they are not confident in their work. The best companies provide warranty certificates for their services that entitle you to different compensations if something should go wrong. They do this to show that they can stand firmly behind what they do and are committed to completely satisfying you.

Provincial Pest Control offers a service warranty certificate because we are fully committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction with our services.

Other things to do when choosing a pest control company

  • Make sure you confirm the company’s reliability from other references besides testimonials on their website. This could be other sites that rate pest control companies or pest control associations. These sites will give you non- partial perspectives on the company.
  • Stay away from a company that you do not find comfortable. If the practice of a company doesn’t suit you, you can choose another company. After all, it is your home or business place.
  • Avoid companies that don’t allow you to ask questions. Ask all the questions that you have and let them answer you.
  • Don’t enter agreements without writing them down. Don’t just take the word of a company for it. Get your contract, estimates, quotes, etc., in writing.
  • Avoid companies that promise secret formulas for pest control that nobody else has discovered. In most cases, it is just a campaign stunt.

Five reasons why you hire a pest control company

Maybe you are still not sure if you should hire a pest control company or not. Here are five significant reasons why it is a good idea to do so.


Pest control companies have experts that are specifically trained to apply chemicals safely. They know what chemicals to use and where to apply these chemicals. This reduces the chances of harm to you and your loved ones. Moreover, pest control companies typically have more potent chemicals than you can get over the counter.

Proper Identification of Pests

You may not know what pest you are dealing with or what species of a particular pest has infested your home. Sometimes, different species require different methods to exterminate them. A pest control company can identify the species and apply effective treatments to rid your home of them. It will save you time running in circles trying to get it done.

It saves you time and energy.

Battling an infestation is serious work. It will take so much energy to determine the pests, set up the bait, and try again if they do not disappear.  With a pest control company, you have the peace of mind to sit back and let someone else do all the hard work. In addition, the best pest control companies offer warranties that guarantee they will return for free if your pests resurface after a certain period.

They find the root problem.

When dealing with an infestation in an out-of-sight place like your walls, it may be challenging to determine the root cause of an infestation on your own. Therefore, the need for professionals. They are skilled in tracing an infestation to its source. Then they can decisively deal with the infestation at the root.

Faster and cost-effective in the long run

It will take you more time to battle an infestation than it will take a pest control company. During that time, many pests will continue to wreak havoc on your home and belongings, costing you money to fix. Not to talk of the repeated costs of trying to deal with the infestation yourself. However, if you immediately get a pest control company to swiftly and decisive deal with an infestation, you save money in the long run.

Furthermore, swifter elimination helps to protect your health and saves you cost on medical bills. Many pests carry dangerous diseases; the longer they stay in your home, the more time they have to spread these diseases.

Why Should You Choose Provincial Pest Control

As a premier pest control company, we are willing to answer all your questions about pest control and pest control treatment. Our experts are licensed and trained to deliver the best services, and we offer a guarantee on our work.

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Provincial Pest Control offers a free inspection that investigates your home for over 30 pests in Canada and gives you the best course of action for extermination.

Do you see signs of pests in your home, such as droppings and bite marks, but are unsure what type of pests you have? Our team has your back.

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