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4 Common Commercial Pests

Commercial Pests

Key Takeaways

  • Pests like bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, and flies can quickly damage a business’s reputation and pose health risks in commercial settings.
  • Early detection of pest infestations, such as bed bugs, is crucial to prevent negative customer experiences and long-term consequences for businesses.
  • Rodents and cockroaches thrive in environments with access to food and moisture, making cleanliness and proper food storage essential for prevention.
  • Flies in restaurants signal a potential health hazard, as they can contaminate food and spread diseases, highlighting the importance of effective pest control measures.
  • Maintaining a good reputation and preventing negative reviews necessitates prompt action and professional pest control services to address any pest issues in commercial establishments.


In a commercial setting, pests can destroy a business reputation in a split second and the victims can range from restaurants, food-processing facilities to hotels.In fact, If your clients see a pest roaming inside your establishment, they will definitely tell their family, friends and acquaintances and the consequences will be long-term for your business. The Provincial Pest Control team deeply understands how challenging It is to have unwanted pests and how difficult It is to get rid of them! That is why our commercial exterminators can handle these infestations for you!

Here are four types of pest that are common and might appear in any type of businesses:

Bed Bugs Infestation

At the initial stages of infestation, bed bugs are difficult to notice and in hotels, employees might hear of a possible infestation from customers when they start complaining about small itchy red bumps grouped in one same area. Therefore, It is important to get in touch with pest control professionals when red stains, small dark spots and tiny bugs are seen on bedsheets and mattresses.

Rodents Infestation

Rodents can infest pretty much any place where food is stored. They carry diseases that can harm humans and their excrements can cause allergy reactions among children. That is why, you should always keep your store food completely sealed, keep a clean environment and avoid leaving food outside.

Cockroaches Infestation

Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of as they can survive weeks without food or water.

They usually pick moist places to stay at, so preventive measures are important in order for these pests to not appear! Professional Pest Control Exterminator’s Advise: How To Get Rid Of Rats

Flies Infestation

Most of the time, when flies are flying around, It might be a sign that restaurant pest control is needed. Indeed, even with a few flies in your restaurant, It can cause a huge issue as they can lay eggs on top of your food ingredients. They also carry tons of diseases and bacteria. Now, your pest is becoming a health hazard.

Whether your issue is small or serious, the last thing any business owner would want is to have a bad reputation and bad reviews about your business. In order to maintain a good reputation and not have , the sooner you contact us, the better!

If you need Commercial Pest Control or have any other issues in Toronto or the GTA, please do not hesitate to seek assistance by calling us at 647-997-5080 or Get in touch with us to get a free inspection and be stress free!

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